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  • First the good news:

    Yesterday I received an email notification from Google that my AdSense account had been reinstated. It confirmed that the original reason for the ban was the inclusion of the Be Nice feature in earlier versions of AdSense Manager (this has now been removed).

    This also means that I can continue to develop AdSense Manager as intended – get your feature requests in now!

    Now the bad news:

    It appears that some people are still using older versions of AdSense Manager on their blogs. If you are not yet using v2.4 UPGRADE NOW!

    Thanks for all your support.

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  • Consider yourself lucky. It’s like pulling teeth getting a response out of Google usually.

    It was quite a suprise and not something I had gone looking for (but very welcome!) Given their stated policy of not discussing outcomes of reviews I hadn’t been in touch myself.

    I do know from my site that a number of people contacted them directly and I guess that continued with the disclaimer posted on the download.

    To be honest, now I’m through to a real person they’ve been very friendly & accomodating – especially with regard to the outstanding non-upgraded users out there. Wait and see I guess.

    Strange nonetheless. I wonder if initial appeals are handled by some sort of Google AI 🙂 Cue Terminator jokes…


    you need to update the plug-in page URGENTLY: at is still sais that you have a lifetime ban.

    I am glad I stumbled across this post.

    Sorry you lost your ban – very few things last a lifetime these days ;-D

    Glad to hear your reinstated. I second the suggestion you update the plug-in page. I’ve been shying away from the plug-in due to the ban and the uncertainty of its use. Now theat you’re good to go, the info page needs to reflect this.

    Thanks for the good work!

    this is probably a pretty newb question, but when I am managing my ad’s and it says “channel”, do i need to enter the 10 digit number (ie: 1234567890) or just the name i have it set as in adsense (ie: sidebar)?


    Thanks for the heads-up folks – I had updated the readme.txt in the download, but forgotten to copy it into the released tag on svn. That meant it wasn’t being picked up by the Extend system. I’ve fixed that now…. Apologies for the delay, but I’m access the net down a mobile phone at the moment. Not. Too. Fast. Hah.

    tlawrence17: Use the channel number from inside the code – it’s a bit annoying having to do that but unfortunately there’s no other way. Remember, if you want to “load in” an entire Ad generated by AdSense you can do that (and it’ll find the channel id, etc. itself).

    Thanks as always for the support!

    How about mutiple accounts enable within your nice plugin? There a number of people manage my blog and those of them want to display Adsense ad using their own pub code. I wonder if this feature will be made available soon.
    Anyways I do like your plug-in, dude 🙂

    That’s an interesting idea nICEsHARE I’ll see if I can get that working when I start on the plugin again. Currently don’t have net access available from home which makes developing a little difficult!

    Thanks for the feedback.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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