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  • Hi Mike,

    I know that I should have known better, however, I have upgraded your plugin many times seamlessly. The most recent upgrade all of my forms options are lost.

    I like the new look and feel of the plugin but was quite disappointed that upgrading didn’t carry across the settings for previously created forms.

    Is it possible to recover them by reverting to the previous version or are they toast?


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  • FYI – I rolled it back and all old forms were recovered.

    You should add a notice to the upgrade that lets people know that all their forms will be lost and that recreating them is not an easy chore when you combine it with having to learn the new format/layout.

    The latest version looks very cool but I made the decision to roll back after recreating three forms primarily because it took me 2-3x as long to create a form with the new layout. It looks very slick but functionally it is much slower than the previous layout. Previously you just scrolled down and the new version has to reload a new page, which is cumbersome and time consuming.

    You should consider using tabs to break up the sections of the form but not having to reload a new page for each section. I use a jquery simple tabs navigation for a few of my own plugins that works like a charm.

    Here is an article that show the basics:

    Mine isn’t exactly the same as his implementation but very similar.


    Hi Pat, I do understand what you mean and the fact that you lost your settings after you upgraded the plugin.

    In regards to your comment above.

    You should add a notice to the upgrade that lets people know that all their forms will be lost and that recreating them is not an easy chore when you combine it with having to learn the new format/layout.

    Please read the FAQ and you will notice that @mike Challis did publish information about the upgrade.

    I have also notice that you are still using WordPress 3.5.1. In my humble opinion for security and stability, you should be running at least version 3.8.3 but preferably 3.9.1.

    I hope this answer your question.

    Kind regards

    Hi @mbrsolution

    I appreciate your humble opinion and of course the reason I was upgrading all of my plugins is that I am in the process of upgrading my version of WP.

    @mike Challis should really include this type of notice in the changelog as that is what is displayed first when you click view version details from the plugins page and that is also what the vast majority of users review when they want to know what it new in the latest version. Not displaying it in the changelog is really hiding the fact that you have made a major change and forgot to include the code that transitions older versions to the latest version.

    The plugins I have seen making a change in their options arrays that doesn’t include the code to transition old options to the new options array have always provided a warning in the changelog.

    Just a common courtesy especially for those more novice users who would not be able to role things back and would end up posting on the reviews page (as they did) saying that the new version is broken. I of course commented and corrected their statement that the plugin is broken because it isn’t broken but it could definitely use a quick fix to transition the old options array to the new one.


    the forms are supposed to import automatically but sometimes they don’t. All you had to do was go to the tools tab and click the button “import settings from 3.xx version”.

    this is in the FAQ

    I upgraded to 4.xx version and my forms did not import

    Hi @wlpdrpat is your issue resolved?

    Thank you

    I will try upgrading again very soon and see how it goes.

    I realize that going to the tools tab and clicking import from 3.xx version sounds like an easy task and on a single installation it is. However, on a multisite install it can be a very daunting task.

    Since reporting this issue I have been creating a fix for my situation that would have a import forms from 3.xx on a network admin page and would automatically make this import across all sites on a multisite install. At the moment it is working 99% on my testing environment. Just a few more tweaks and I will have it.

    I will send it to Mike for consideration when it is done.

    wlpdrpat, OK thanks

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