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Upgrade Login Problem

  • I have just upgraded my wordpress page using http://codex.wordpress.org/Upgrading_WordPress_Extended . I have run the upgrade program, which succeeded, and was shown the login page, which I can’t login to, when I press the login button it just reshows the login page again, the same with the forget password page. It does the same thing whether I put anything into the boxes or not.

    At the moment the index page of the blog also goes to a standard page cannot be displayed, is this right?

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  • no – do you have a link?

    The wordpress install is at http://www.wildaboutlife.net/wp . At the moment it just loads up as a blank page, the only page I seem to be able to get to is the login page, which doesn’t take me anywhere.

    I too upgraded yesterday, since the app says the new version is out and I should upgrade. I downloaded everything, ran the upgrade, it said I am already on the newer version. I found it weird but thought all would be good, 3rd upgrade I have done.

    After upgrading it, the blog just shows a blank page. I can login with the wp-admin page, but the actual blog loads nothing.

    I ended up replacing the blog with a duplicate folder I created of the original. It still says I need to upgrade on the dashboard and plugin but with 3 failed attempts last night, I stopped trying.

    The link shows more info – http://wordpress.org/support/topic/211192?replies=11

    I checked the version and it says 2.6.2, not sure why the site tells me to upgrade to 2.6.2, when I have that installed. That explains why I don’t need to upgrade.

    I see this now, and it talks about the blank page issue.


    though on a mac so not sure about the checking the logs.




    server logs exist on the server, whether it be windows or otherwise. if you dont know how to find them contact your host.

    I cannot actually log in, it just gets stuck on the login page.

    None of the previous solutions solved my problem with the same symptoms. But after much hair-pulling I discovered that the wp-settings.php file had NOT been written over by the new 2.6.2 version. So I updated that file with new 2.6.2 version of the file and voila – no more blank page on the site and no more looping on the login page. So, another possible cause of the blank page/login loop issue is a missing or non-updated file. So be sure to go through your 2.6.2 update and check to make sure that ALL the necessary files outside the wp-content folder were actually updated.

    creativejam… can you please elaborate on what you did? As i am having the same issue…
    Please explain in layman terms 🙂 as am not technically all that sound!

    What do you mean by “So be sure to go through your 2.6.2 update and check to make sure that ALL the necessary files outside the wp-content folder were actually updated. “?


    What I mean is to go through all the files in your updated WordPress, wp-admin and wp-includes directories and make sure that all of them are actually updated versions of the original files.

    Solution 6 from this list worked, but I am worried that anyone knowing the login might be able to work around the site?


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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