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  • From the Dashboard I select “Please update now”, choose WordPress 4.8.2–en_GB and “Upgrade now” and then nothing happens.

    Tried in different locations but same issue.

    Any ideas of help please?

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  • Ok I hope this one is ok:

    Interesting, no console errors or server error logs.
    Which version of PHP is your server running?

    I’m sorry but I don’t know what PHP is or how to find the version number

    Create a file called info.php on your server with the following code on it.
    <?php phpinfo(); ?>

    Run the file in your browser to get PHP version.

    Hi Achyuth, I created the file and copied it to the server. However I am not sure how to browse onto the file to run it. Please can you advise?

    Hi. If you added the file in the public_html directory using cPanel, it can be accessed via http://your-domain/filename.extension.

    Sorry, was offline yesterday.

    I’m not sure the program worked correctly as I received the feedback shown here:



    Looks like when you pasted the code, somehow the php tags are converted to html entities. In such cases, the php code won’t get executed. Here is the source screenshot of the info file on your server.

    You’ll to need to match the code exactly like this to get the result.

    <?php phpinfo(); ?>

    Hi,I checked the source file, which has the correct text (<?php phpinfo(); ?>), I checked the destination file on the server and that too had the correct text.
    I then tried opening the file in Chrome and received the same response: <?php phpinfo(); ?>

    Any other ideas?

    Thank you


    While we have been trying to sort out the WP upgrade issue I also tried to update the plugins.

    WP put my website into “maintenance mode” and then nothing happened.

    The site appears to be “locked” in maintenance mode now! I need to clear this problem as soon as possible but wonder if it is linked to the initial WP problem?

    Hi Jim,
    To disable the maintenance mode, remove .maintenance file from the website root. Site will be back to normal.

    Let me know whether this works.

    Hi Achyuth

    Thanks for your help and that problem is resolved!

    I can also confirm that PHP is version 5.6

    Does this help?

Viewing 12 replies - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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