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    I have version and gold cart version 2.9.7.

    What is the best path to update? WP shows there’s an update to the core plugin, but I wanted to check to make sure my procedure is correct before attempting an auto-upgrade.

    Should I try a manual update? Should I update to previous versions first? If so, how to I access archived versions of the cart?

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  • Any response? I’m not reporting a bug, just a simple question about how best to update. I’m 16 versions behind, and need to know if I can go directly to the newest version, and if not, what is the procedure to go from my version to the latest.



    Personally on all my shops. If I fall behind in upgrades I do it incrementally upgrading to each major point release making sure everything still works and all database updates are run.

    1. backup everything

    2. asses if you have anything custom (payment modules, shipping modules, 3rd party add ons) These may not always remain compatible if the author has not kept them up to date.

    3. clone the store to a staging / testing site NEVER upgrade your live, functional, working store this is just asking for trouble…

    when upgrading if you find issues it sometimes helps to switch to a default wordpress theme such as 2010 – 2012 and disable non store related plugins. This will help you identify if it’s theme or plugin related conflicts.

    Be sure any time you change your theme you go to store settings Presentation tab and clear the template cache.

    also go to permalinks and click save just to make sure they are in sync.

    Hope this helps


    Where can I find each major point release for download? Is there a page on GetShopped, or should I wade through the blog posts, or should I use the Other Versions found here.



    That is exactly where I get them from myself


    One more question … what would you consider a major point release? I’m at, should I then go to 3.8.9 > 3.8.10 > 3.8.11 > 3.8.12 > > and then finally to ?



    To be safest yes that would be the best. Although I have cheated and skipped every other one myself. I’ve also in the past upgraded to the last in a major point release then the first of the next point release such as if I start with I update to then 3.9 soon to be released in case you’re wondering 😉

    If you have many complicated variation or categories it might be best to take the slower route and do each one to ensure database updates.

    It shouldn’t take all that long to do each one just to be on the safe side


    Plugin Author Justin Sainton


    Thanks for chiming in here, Edward.

    colewebdev – If you’re starting out at – upgrading straight to shouldn’t be too problematic. As Edward mentioned, definitely make a backup – but I think it should be fine.

    If you do happen to run into any bugs on the upgrade process – please do let us know!

    Ok one final, final question before I proceed (thanks for your replies today)

    What’s your recommended process to upgrade?

    On the blog it states

    “Upload the contents of that folder to this path on your server, overwriting all existing files: wp-content/plugins/wp-e-commerce”

    So I leave the core plugin, and the gold cart plugin active and simply overwrite the files in the directories with the new copies I’ve downloaded?

    If I do this step-by-step, should I do anything in betwen each step, besides clicking around my site?

    Plugin Author Justin Sainton


    You should even just be able to use the WordPress upgrade process, without touching the filesystem.

    However, the approach you outlined should be fine. You should get a notice to run the upgrade routines in the admin either way.

    PLEASE, i really hope you guys answere here

    i have posted before withouth any response.

    So far plugin is ok for me, but when you want to download, you get the download has expired ,contact admin, blah blah blah

    And i have set in admin section to download up to 10 times.

    What is the solution because im almost running out of patince with my client.


    I’m also needing to upgrade from

    That’s so far back WordPress plugin dashboard doesn’t show a WPEC plugin upgrade available for my website.

    I’ll try a big bang approach and go direct from to and see how that goes in my staging service.

    If I hit issues and need to try the multi step upgrade I have a couple of questions…

    (1) Should I go to the bottom release of each major upgrade or the top release of each major upgrade?

    (2) Presumably I need to download the plugin zip file, unzip it then ftp it up to the plugin folder?




    @wyckliffe have you resolved your download issue?

    @toshi Yoshida I always do my upgrades in steps… I hit both the bottom and top of each major release. This is my personal choice. Mainly out of residual fears from ancient versions. Be sure you watch for database updates along the way.

    You don’t need to unzip and ftp you can use the WordPress plugin upload page it will replace each version.

    If you are using gold cart I would disable that until all WPeC updates are complete and then grab the latest version of gold cart.

    Test your upgraded store with only store plugins activated and with a default wordpress theme such as 2012 enabled. (be aware you may need to clear the store template cache. You can do this at

    SETTINGS > STORE > PRESENTATION Click “Flush Theme Cache”

    For good measure I typically also refresh my permalinks along the way a few times as well.

    Great that you are testing on a clone first so many people do these upgrades to a fully working LIVE shop… NEVER a good idea. You don’t mess with a functional live store 😉


    Hi Edward,
    Thanks for your super quick reply.

    You don’t need to unzip and ftp you can use the WordPress plugin upload page it will replace each version. ” I didn’t know I could do that, I assumed a zip upload was only possible for a new plugin not an upgrade.

    It certainly appears many people update their live sites without testing! I now pay a bit more for hosting that includes 1-Click staging site creation and push to live functionality so it makes testing so easy these days.


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