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  • Hello!
    I am trying to upgrade a site that DESPERATELY needs a new version of WebComic, however they are currently using v2.0.5 and upgrading straight to v4.1 results in a broken site.
    Can someone recommend a possible upgrade path? I have downloaded all the versions available on the Developer page, so I can install any version necessary.
    Any help would be appreciated – thank you!!

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  • Plugin Author Mike


    Strange; out of curiosity, how is the site breaking when upgrading to Webcomc 4.1?

    For a more gradual (and hopefully, successful) upgrade, I’d try upgrading to the latest version of Webcomic 2 (2.1.2), then Webcomic 3 (3.0.9), then Webcomic 4 (4.1). That might work a bit better.

    Thanks Mike!
    I honestly don’t know how it’s breaking during the upgrade to v4.1, as I’ve just started helping out with the site. Was simply told: “the upgrade breaks our site, so we haven’t done it.”
    I’ll try the upgrade path you suggested and see if that works.
    Thanks again!

    Plugin Author Mike


    Apologies for just thinking of this, but it could be related to whatever theme they’re using; there are significant differences between how each major version of Webcomic works, including the template tags that integrate Webcomic with a WordPress theme. If you do upgrade them they’ll need to look at a new theme (or at least updating the theme template tags); The Beginner’s Guide to Webcomic has extensive info on all of Webcomic 4’s template tags, shortcodes, widgets, and other features.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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