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    First off, I realize I’m a schmuck for not upgrading the WP versions on my website over time when I should have been, but I didn’t – so there (full disclosure!)

    I have a legacy website/blog that was developed and ‘tweaked’ under WP v2.0.4, with a third-party theme.

    I am going to update the site, upgrade the WP, and redesign the entire shebang. It’s that last part — the redesign — that is really at the heart of my question.

    I’ve read all (most?) of the literature I can find on the WP upgrade process (multiple versions – one arduous path, basically) until I get to 2.7 when I can use the resident ‘automatic’ upgrade to take me to the latest version – 3.2.1.


    Since I’m trashing the old theme (where most of my rewritten code resides), and since I know there will be tweaks required on many (most?) of the legacy posts, is there really any need to follow an upgrade path? Would the following scenario not also work, and work better, not to mention faster?

    I will do all this as a ‘localhost’ set-up first on my own computer. Start with a fresh WP 3.2.1 version running on MAMP, let’s say. Then, FTP to the desktop my original ‘Content’ folder, any ‘extra’ images, ‘Config’ file, and database, and then replace the corresponding ‘fresh’ WP files with those legacy files. Some tweaking will be required (Config file for instance), but the question (finally!) is, should this not work okay…?

    I don’t care about the plug-ins being different — most of the old ones I will not require anymore — and as I said, I am redesigning the whole thing anyway, so all the original theme CSS and HTML I rewrote ‘lo these many years ago will be toast, the posts themselves will require some adjustments.

    So, what think ye…? Is this a viable ‘solution’, or do I really need to follow a version-by-version upgrade path?

    Apologies for being longwinded, but thanks in advance for any guidance. Cheers!


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  • not really viable as the database upgrades are what breaks sites that are using old versions

    the incremental upgrade insures database compatibility on the final version

    but doing it your way you really have nothing to lose but a little time – so give it a try

    Thanks Sam – I appreciate this. And yes, I was afraid someone would say that. However, I will try it my way and failing that, brew a large pot of coffee. Cheers!


    I suggest you to make an post export from OLD and import to NEW. If that works then go directly to 3.2.1

    Success! Well, the old-fashioned way at least. I made the upgrade path trek from 2.0.4 to 3.2.1 incrementally. One by one until I reached 2.7 and then did the automatic upgrade to 3.2.1. Everything rocks, and is solid.

    A nail-biter, to be sure — these things have a tendency to go sideways sometimes — but my website and I emerged unscathed.

    Thanks to everyone who ‘weighed-in’ on my predicament. Your advice was much appreciated. Cheers!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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