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  • Hi everyone,

    I have been using greymatter for just under a year now and was happy with it as a reasonably easy to use blogging but it is not actively being developed and it lacks some features I would like to have so I have been looking at alternatives / upgrades. I have had a look at WordPress and I am impressed by its features, active support and community. It includes features that I need such as comment moderation, automatic pings and RSS feed generation but I have some questions that i cannot find definitive answers to in this forum or on google.

    1 – I read that mod_rewrite is needed. My ISP does not allow this to be turned on..:-(. I have read that it is needed in WordPress for permalinks but WordPress will still work without mod_rewrite. Is this true and what are the implications? – see also question 2 as any answer is related..:-)

    2 – In greymatter all of my entries are of the form and rise in numerical order. I undertand I can import my greymatter entries to WordPress but do the original HTML files still exist? or are they re-generated on-demand? and with the same file names? – or do they instead become php files? I have found that WordPress entries are dynamic (php / database entries) in nature and not static files like greymatter. I have seen that you support “Pages” as static pages but these do not seem to imply entries are the same. I read that in movable type it is possible to have static generated pages like greymatter (I can see the downside to this in having to perform rebuild for template changes) . You can also choose dynamic pages in Movable type just as in WordPress that do not require a complete rebuild if templates change. Does WordPress support the same (static HTML pages)? – I cannot find this to be the case in my searching. Basically, if I upgrade I would like to keep the same static files that exist now as they have some google PR and if I change the URL’s to WordPress .php ones then I would lose that. The same applies to the index, archives (monthly and total archive). What do others do who have upgraded from greymatter to retain the same URL’s for all previous greymatter pages so that your existing google standing is not affected?



    I had a thought that Maybe it is possible to keep the

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  • I don’t really know the answers to all of your questions. I will say that I recently converted two of my blogs from greymatter to WordPress. One I moved to a new directory completely and the other, I kept in the same directory.

    The conversion does keep your old files intact, but they will no longer be a part of your blog and therefore use of them will not result in a link back to your new/current blog without your own intervention. (I deleted my old archives after successfully converting them to WordPress & MySql.)

    While I did resubmit the blog I moved to the search engines, the other has not seen a loss in google ranking as far as I’m aware and I was actually startled when the recently moved blog showed up in a search I was doing for something else. 😉

    As for my static HTML, I copied the content of said files into WordPress Pages (not posts) and now no nasty rebuild — which was wearing on the patience of my ISP. In fact, changes to the theme/template are automatic; there’s no resource-hogging rebuild at all with WordPress.

    Anyway, the conversion for me was fairly painless from greymatter (my conversion from a Cutenews site was not). However, maybe someone else has better advice and the answers to your questions.

    Thanks very much for your reply and your comments on upgrading to WordPress from greymatter. You have confirmed that a conversion is easy – which i thought was the case but you have also confirmed that my old HTML files will not be used and will be replaced by new php files that use the content now stored in the database. I assumed that if this is the case then the archives URL’s will of course change and this then has implications for my pages in google. This is what i wanted to avoid. In an ideal world google would just pick up the new pages as its bots spider my site. The problem would be the backlinks that would be lost where people have linked to pages of mine as the URL’s would no longer be the same.

    I think a solution for me would be to keep the static pages for existing posts made via greymatter and the monthly archive pages and main archive index (maybe these would not matter so much). The main index page would also be a problem if a lot of people have backlinked to the specific index.html page rather than just the directory. If it is possible to keep the existing .htm pages from greymatter and then start WordPress off from the next post that would have been generated if my blog remained in greymatter. Is this possible and how would it be managed from inside WordPress?



    I’ve seen cases when a user wanted to keep their old whatever.html addresses, though not sure it was a GM blog earlier. Anyway it is possible with the proper re-write rules in the .htaccess file… so this would be the case when you really need the rewrite module!

    Otherwise you do NOT need it, and believe me the search engines really don’t care about the extension of your files (whether it’s .php or .html). Except the backlinks going to the wrong pages I don’t see any disadvantage in moving from GM to WP.
    And keeping the old GM files and the WP files+DB in the same place – I guess it’s a sure way to get mad 🙂

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