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  • Hi,

    I just manually copied the 3.5.2 files to my WP 2.7.1 directory, hit wp-admin/upgrade.php and I get this:

    Warning: require(/homepages/37/d194393212/htdocs/tanzania/wp-includes/load.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/37/d194393212/htdocs/tanzania/wp-settings.php on line 21

    Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required ‘/homepages/37/d194393212/htdocs/tanzania/wp-includes/load.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php6′) in /homepages/37/d194393212/htdocs/tanzania/wp-settings.php on line 21

    Try it for yourself at

    Prior to this I did try the auto-updater (update-core.php) and got a similar mess so I resorted to the manual copy.

    Just an FYI — it may not be related but my provider has turned off PHP4 moving everyone to PHP5. I mention that only because there are some comments in a few of the WP352 files that make a reference to PHP4.

    I havbe another site hosted on the same provider ( which was already at WP3.5x and it is functioning ok.

    Any help appreciated.


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  • esmi


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    Please tell me that you made a database backup before you began. 2.7 to 3.5.2 is far to large an upgrade to carry out in a single step.

    Yes I did…the SQL file is sitting on my disk.

    This doesn’t sound good 😉

    btw– there is nothing in the readme that says you may not do a 2x to 3x upgrade



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    What readme? Anything older than 2 versions back should never be upgraded in a single step. As you have such an old version of WordPress, you will need to carry out a series of smaller manual upgrades. See Upgrading_WordPress_Extended for the full details. So first you will need to restore your old database and a copy of WordPress 2.7.1

    Are you sure my db needs restored? It looks to me like it didn’t get anywhere close to upgrading tables?

    the readme is in the 352 zip file.



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    Are you sure my db needs restored?

    As the upgrade collapsed partway through, there’s no real way to be sure what was updated/changed and what wasn’t. The only way to ensure that you start from a known, stable, position is to restore your database backup.

    The readme.html file in the .zip archive does tend to assume that you have been keeping WordPress up top date but that is a fair point. I’ll see if I can flag this up in core and get it changed so that there’s a warning about updating old versions.

    OK here’s the extended install you pointed me to . . .first 4 steps:

    1 Backup your database. Read Backing Up Your Database for a detailed explanation.
    2. Backup ALL your WordPress files in your WordPress directory. Don’t forget your .htaccess file.
    3. Verify the backups you created are there and usable. This is essential.
    4. Deactivate ALL your Plugins.

    My problem with 2. is that I overwrote the files with 352 and as per the readme I deleted the old WP files, meaning I no longer have a wp-config.php. I’ll see if there’s a recovery faciltity but it means relying on my provider. They aren’t that helpful.

    My problem with 4 is I cannot get to the admin panel

    However, my DB is fine and my wp-content/uploads folder is looking good. All images are there.

    I suppose I should reinstall 2.7.1 and get it working then start again. Is there a valid 271 zip still around?



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    Anyone care to decode those error messages at the top of the post?

    Nearly fixed!
    turns out I had not uploaded all the 3.5.2 file to my 2.7.1 directories . . . a few were missing (blame fat fingers on FileZilla). is up and running.

    However, one small thing…the new 352 WP admin interface doesn’t like my metro_10 theme. I know I can get round this by using another theme …loggin in to admin gives me

    Warning: file(/homepages/37/d194393212/htdocs/tanzania/wp-content/homepages/37/d194393212/htdocs/tanzania/wp-content/themes/metro_10/404.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/37/d194393212/htdocs/tanzania/wp-content/themes/metro_10/tools/post_templates.php on line 23

    Warning: implode(): Invalid arguments passed in /homepages/37/d194393212/htdocs/tanzania/wp-content/themes/metro_10/tools/post_templates.php on line 23

    Warning: file(/homepages/37/d194393212/htdocs/tanzania/wp-content/homepages/37/d194393212/htdocs/tanzania/wp-content/themes/metro_10/archive.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/37/d194393212/htdocs/tanzania/wp-content/themes/metro_10/tools/post_templates.php on line 23



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    Have you reported this to the theme’s developers

    post_templates.php in /wp-content/themes/metro_10/tools needed this fix

    $template_data = implode( ”, file( WP_CONTENT_DIR.$template ));

    change to

    $template_data = implode( ”, file( $template ));

    and all is well

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