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  • I read through the codex docs on upgrading to 2.6 and wonder if it is possible to go from 2.0.5 straight to 2.6. I’d like to upgrade to be compatible with the new iPhone WordPress app.

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  • Probably not – I would suspect going to in between versions to hop across to 2.6

    So I’d have to go through 4 or 5 upgrade processes??

    I’m sorry but the list of releases from 2.0.5 to today’s 2.6 is more than extensive. There has to be a way to skip upgrades to make this go faster. Anyone from care to reply to this? How would you advise a user to get from 2.0.5 up to today’s release in the fastest and safest way?

    I’m in the same boat… do NOT try the WordPress Automatic Update plugin, it really messed my site up.

    I’ve heard of people upgrading and skipping releases. I know that the database changed around 2.3, so you could try skipping a few releases up to around there, doing a few consecutive updates, then skipping ahead to 2.6.

    Here’s the archive:

    If you skip the wrong release and your categories are messed up, check this:

    Lastly, let me know how it goes. Good luck Matty!

    p.s., do NOT forget to make a FULL backup – files and database!!! I’ve even gone so far as to make multiple database backups with different options checked.




    i just did this.. both ways. why are there 10000 threads on this subject???

    1. it was a 2.0.x or a 2.1.x install, Ive written this now, so many times I dont even remember. I did a one shot upgrade to 2.6.1.

    It didnt work. I got the 2-2-2-2-2 category crap.

    I then deleted all the tables from the db, and reimported my SQL backup.

    I left the 2.6.1 config file on the site.
    I upgraded incrementally.. using the last minor rls. version of each major.. ie, 2.2.2 .. 2.3.3 .. 2.5.1 …

    You dont have to upload any of the subdirs inside wp-includes/ which makes it much quicker than you might think.

    Upload files. load upgrade.php in browser. continue… it worked just fine.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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