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    I’m really really stuck – please HELP!

    I was upgrading my WP install using my hoster’s (dreamhost) “1-click-install”-feature. It is supposed to do the upgrade including backup automatically.

    Problems now:

    (1) All static pages are inaccessible (404), yet they have been converted to posts. See my site at
    (2) Even image-uploads show up in the manage-posts section as posts..!
    (3) The dashboard footer still shows the old version number 2.0.4
    (4) When using the WP-backend (that still works) I’m send to upgrade.php every once in a while. It always ends with the success message.
    (5) There is supposed to be an automatic backup-folder (by 1-click-install) on my server, yet there isn’t.

    – Upgrade was from 2.0.4 to 2.1.2
    – I have tried disabling wp-cache and rebuilding permalinks, in vain.

    Ps. I promise never to use the 1-click-install again!

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  • To be more specific: This used to be a “page”: – now 404.

    Yet suddenly it has become a “post”:

    Your theme doesn’t appear to be 2.1 aware. I bet if you try the Default theme, your page will be fine?

    Have a look at this article:

    Hi Handysolo, thanks for your reply!

    I just switched back to WordPress Default 1.5 (Kubrick) and my “page” still gives a 404.

    Also, note that my dashboard-footer still says “2.0.4”.

    Hmm, yeah. It would seem you didn’t get a complete upgrade.

    Does the DreamHost thing report the blog as being 2.1.2 now, or does it still indicate it needs to be upgraded? If you can, run it again.

    Otherwise … Upgrading_WordPress

    The DH-tool reports it as being 2.1.2, yes. Will try the manual upgrade.

    Anything specific i’ll have to take care of given the above situation?

    Not really no. I’d just treat it like a normal upgrade.

    OK, I upgraded from scratch. The dashboard now shows 2.1.2.

    BUT: The static pages are still 404, also with the default template.

    This may not be a helpful solution as I’m kind of new to wordpress and still learning it but to me it may be a Permalink setting that is set differently from what it had been. I upgraded a friends site and it had changed the permalink settings to a different setting from what it had been.

    But again this may not be a solution. Its just a thought though. If its not just ignore this post.


    @dark-raven: Nope, that’s a different problem. In my case pages don’t work, posts do.

    @HandySolo: I have re-read the article you linked to above and tried to understand if my theme is concerned. I have full-text-searched it for post_status, yet no ocurrence.

    Also, I tried to re-create my pages with copy&paste content. This is what happened:
    – Before: 404.
    – Now: Showing the correct <title> but displaying the blog-index instead of the page content.

    What can I try next?

    Further update:

    I searched my theme for deprecated templates and did indeed find one in page.php:

    <?php link_pages('<p><strong>Pages:</strong> ', '</p>', 'number'); ?>

    I tried to comment the whole line out (as I don’t use pagination in pages anyway) but the same problem persisted.

    On a sidenote: I hope I have made it clear that all my pages (but the one I created meanwhile, see above) have disappeared totally from the page manager – so I guess my DB must be in the state of the previous version..? Not sure.

    Well, something’s certainly amiss with the database.

    Do you have phpMyAdmin or something similar? Browse through the data in your wp_posts table (where wp_ is your prefix).

    Find one of the “old” Pages that is now showing up as a Post (you can probably search on the Post_Name column for it).

    Make sure that Post_Type is set to ‘page’ and Post_Status is ‘publish’. See if that helps?

    I did as you said. Post_Status was ‘publish’, Post_Type was ‘post’. I set it to ‘page’ manually.

    Same change as the copy-paste action above:
    – Page now produces no 404 anymore.
    – Page shows correct <title> but incorrect content, shows main blog index instead of page content.

    I’m pretty much stumped. Maybe someone else will have a bright idea.

    Do you have a DB backup from before the upgrade? If so, I’d probably try restoring it and re-running the wp-admin/upgrade.php script.

    I have asked my hoster for a copy. Unfortunately I haven’t backup’ed myself, as I was trusting the automatic script to do that..

    Ah, another thing: What if I manually set all pages to Post_Type ‘page’? I would then “only” have to fix the theme problem.

    What do you think?

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