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upgrade from 1.2 to 1.5, still says 1.2

  • that’s pretty much it. i upgraded. the only file left unchanged was config.php. and in my admin panel, the bottom of the screen still says v1.2. i moved the files, ran admin/upgrade.php.

    i double checked the files via ftp, and theyre all new. i reloaded the page several times. the template also hasnt changed to a new default template.

    i’m confused.

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  • Link to your site please ?

    How exactly did you upgrade ?
    What process / steps ? It does not look like an upgrade has happened..

    i know it that the thing went too smoothly for me not to have screwed something up. lemme redo it and see what happens. thanks for your quick help!

    good thing i lost all self-esteem back in high school, so i dont mind admitting what happened:

    i downloaded the old files to backup on my desktop. of course, the upgraded version’s folder was named the same (wordpress). so i was, um, uploading my old files. i wasnt checking the date in the folder, just on the ftp site.

    next time i’ll create a folder called “backup”, obviously. i just feel bad that i wasted your time. at any rate, i did one smart thing: repeated all my steps, and in doing so, i realized what happened. i’m still a little concerned that it worked too easily, but at least it’s obviously upgraded!

    thanks tho.

    time to go play…

    That’s the beauty of all the hard work that everyone has put into WordPress. All the coders and hackers and designers have been working countless hours into making this a superior product. Thankfully there is a great dev team leading the charge.

    Kudos to all you folks who do the grunt work so that we have all these great toys to play with.

    indeed. this really rocks. it’s a given now that i’m going to move my blogger.com blog onto my own site using wordpress. i’m scrolling through themes at this very moment. the upgrade to 1.5 already appears to be an exceedingly strong improvement. i’m grateful to have these tools at my disposal.

    seanmh – there is no such thing as a dumb post here. I’ve helped a fair few people here and elsewhere with upgrading, and what you did I would never have guessed, so your posting about it could well help someone else and will also assist when the docs for the next upgrade are written.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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