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  • Okay, so I followed the instructions to upgrade to 2.8 via the interface – by entering my FTP login/pass and the thing has just been churning for 20 minutes. I have no idea if it’s failing or if it is supposed to take this long. What’s the deal?

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    Update: WTF? This is only getting worse. Now my WP interface is totally inaccessible. I closed the window after almost 30 minutes of churning and now I can’t access my WP site, nor can I log in as admin to try and stop this. What a terrible mistake! What can I do?

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    Okay. Finally got to the point where it let me in. I FTP’d in and renamed my plugins directory. No idea if that’s what stopped the churn or not. Of course, then I was accosted with the fatal error described elsewhere on this forum and resorted to a very long manual upgrade process. Things *seem* to be working now.

    I can’t believe WP with its famous “5 minute install” would stand for this. If I were a true newbie I would be totally out of luck with this upgrade. The automatic upgrade system is obviously not ready for prime time.

    The automatic upgrade has worked really well for me on my blog. Do you have a lot of plugins? Or maybe any existing auto-upgrade plugins?

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    I had a handful of plugins, but very minimal. In fact it wasn’t even a live site yet – just a vanilla install with very minimal tinkering. I do suspect that one of those plugins was causing a problem, but I’ve deleted all of them and would rather not run the fun of re-installing again. I do see that 2.8.1 is now available, so I might give it a shot, fingers crossed.

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    So, since I have nothing to lose, I’m trying it again for 2.8.1

    #1 – Again it just churns and churns. There is no indicator other than the browser to tell me that something is happening or not. There is no messaging to tell me “if this takes more than X minutes, do Y”

    #2 – I wait a good 25 minutes. Still churning, site inaccessible. Then I’ll go and disable the plugins directory by renaming it. I had since added the following plugins:

    akismet, dd-formmalier, fbconnect, share-this, simple-nav-archives, stats, popular posts, hello, and 3 little custom ones.

    #3 Re-Loading the admin page now works. Now has the message – “an automated wordpress update has failed to complete” but the site will no longer load – gives a plugin related error.

    #4 – I rename the plugins directory back to the way it was, and now I’m back in the world of permanent churn.

    EDIT >> Now this is even more bizarre. The site is loading in Safari now (a fresh browser) but still skunked on FF. I can load admin fine in Safari, skunked on FF. I will restart the browser to see if that helps, but this is just tooo strange.

    [Solved] wordpress automatic update from version 2.7.1 to 2.8.4
    October 2nd, 2009

    After moving from Asmallorange to exabytes hosting, i cannot upgrade all my plugins and can’t upgrade my wordpress to the latest version 2.8.4

    I have search through everywhere but couldn’t find the solution to this problem.

    I have tried downloading core control and edit .htaccess but failed.

    Finally i solved it !

    1. Always backup your database and also your files / folder.
    2. Delete your old wp-includes and wp-admin directories.
    3. Upload the new wp-includes and wp-admin directories.
    4. Upload and overwrite all the old files in the root, EXCEPT the wp-content folder and wp-config.php file. (I repeat DO NOT DELETE YOUR WP-CONTENT and WP-CONFIG.php file)
    5. Visit your main WordPress admin page at /wp-admin, login and it leads you to an upgrade page, click upgrade and follow instruction.

    For more info visit my website

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