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    Hi gang. Sorry to see so many having their upgrades go awry. I didn’t think it could get this bad.

    I installed once, and my dashboard was severely compromised with parts of it missing or not loading. I restored to a previous version and all was back to normal. I did the upgrade once again to see if it would take, and now I cannot access my Dashboard OR the actual site.

    I get a 500 or a 503 Error.

    What the hell went wrong? I can’t even undo it because I can’t get to my site! Accck!!

    Thank you in advance!


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  • Could be a .htaccess problem, try to check out if there’s anything broken there, and try renaming it to htaccess.txt

    Okay, I’ve finally reverted back to WP 2.7 and then did a manual upgrade (don’t worry, I was careful) because the auto (through WP or SimpleScripts) were just not working. Now I have access to my admin, but my site is getting the 503 error.

    @theproftw, could that still be an htaccess issue?


    I got to that point (admin access, no site) with the automatic upgrade. I can tell you that it’s not an htaccess issue in my case. Deleted it, edited by hand, no change whatsoever.
    On top of it all my hosts’ pHpAdmin gives an error when restoring the database and I can’t get direct access to the SQL server because it keeps disconnecting me. I’m afraid I’m out of options now….


    Apparently, ALL plugins needed to be deactivated before upgrade. My host told me that it was an obvious, clear warning for this particular upgrade, but I did not see that prompt at all, and never had one in other upgrades. So I restored my site back to 2.7, then went into admin and deactivated all of the plugins, then did the auto upgrade (through SimpleScripts, the WP auto would not work). This worked perfectly. I then activated each plugin, checking the site after every single one, just to make sure there were no compatibility issues, and everything is working perfectly again.

    So, deactivation of all plugins in the key (or at least it was in this case.)


    I got the same 500 error, however there mus have been something wrong with my permissions because WordPress nuked my entire root directory! When I FTP’d in I expected to see all my domain root folders but all I had left was the domain folder for the wordpress instance I was upgrading!

    Not only that but it looks like a skeleton, wp-content, wp-includes etc. are all empty.

    I took backups of my wordpress instance before upgrading (thank god), but not of all my other domains. Unfortunately they’ve all been ticking over on autopilot for ages now and the backups are pretty old 🙁

    Poor backup routines are my problem but an auto-upgrade button that nuked my entire site collection is another one entirely.

    PS, I’m sure there wasn’t any warning about disabling the plugins on the upgrade screen.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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