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  • I just upgraded from 1.9.3 think it was to latest…and

    1. All 16 srp widgets i had set up for various niches completely disappeared so have to start from scratch again – good half days work

    2 When i set up again title goes beneath thumb not to right of image which looks bad..any explanation?

    How to reinstal old version – have a link?

    Example: of new upgrade (there were 20 plus more id’s on just this one niche completely vanished

    NOTE – reverted back to 1.9.3 – have to start again which i would have had to anyway but title goes to right of image with a nice line under each thumb>

    BE CAREFUL upgrading as you might lose all your original srp setups.

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  • Rob33, OMG I feel your pain! You need to know that with every upgrade to every piece of software EVER…you must make a separate style sheet or use a child theme to save your customizations.

    Look into it so you know what it’s about, will save you lots of time and misery!

    Hi suzyoo,

    could you maybe explain very quickly how I can male sure that my customizations for SRP or any other plugin is not deleted when I upgrade WordPress? I keep reading that I would have to copy the “plugin templates into my theme directory”. But I’m not quite sure how to do this! I haven’t updated WordPress in a while now for that reason…

    Hi ferd. you can make a separate css style sheet, OR use a child theme and add the customizations in there.

    a child theme basically consists of two parts, a css stylesheet and a functions.php file.

    think of them as two pieces of paper on which you’ve written all of the changes you’ve made to your site.

    then, when “core” files are updated (upgrades and updates to plugins, for example) you have the changes that YOU have made in a separate place, and the upgrade/update doesn’t touch those customizations/changes, because they’re in a completely different place.

    does this make sense?

    Hi there, yes it makes sense, thanks. I do have a child theme for my Pagelines theme I am using. So how excatly do I do it? When I login to my FTP-server I see

    wp-content/themes/platformbase/style.css (this is my customized child theme stylesheet, I get that)

    and then there is
    wp-content/plugins/special-recent-posts/css/css-front.css (which I changed through the plugin editor)

    Do I have to copy css-front.css into my child theme folder, for example I create wp-content/themes/platformbase/plugins/special-recent-posts/css/css-front.css?

    ferd, do you have the “pagelines customize” plugin installed?

    No, I don’t. I just downloaded it. Do you know, by any chance, if it’s compatible with the old Pagelines themes such as Platform Pro which I am using? Should I install the plugin?

    I just saw on the Pagelines website that for the plugin to work “PageLines Framework version 2” is a requirement which I don’t have. Any other suggestions?

    sure. are you using the base theme, or the pagelines theme?

    It’s PlatformPro and the child theme is called PlatformBase, they don’t sell it anymore since they introduced this new Pagelines Framework Store…

    yes, but you still have platform base, right?

    Yes I do, I also installed the plugin. Can’t find it anywhere in the backend though. What can I do with it now? Thanks for your help, really appreciate it!

    is it under Appearance > Editor?

    I don’t have it at “Appearances”, only at “Plugins”

    YAHOO! okay, open ‘customize styles.css’ (you’ll see it at the top right.)

    this is where you put the customizations for SRPs.

    copy and paste this in there just before you add your customizations:


    and then put this at the END of those customizations:


    i’m not going anywhere. :–)

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 29 total)
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