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    The old version of WordPress allowed me to designate a theme by using the tail end of a URL, i.e: /index.php?wptheme=WordPress+Default

    Is there any way to do it in 2.0.3? Before you call me an idiot (which you probably will anyway, 😉 I’ll detail the things I have tried)

    1. Pages: that doesn’t work, cuz i need seperate header.php, etc files for my different styles.

    2. Searching forums… nothing directly related to my topic (as far as I can tell).

    3. Searching Google… fruitless.

    I spent hours and hours getting the first version to embed into my front page and then switch to another theme in full page mode, and now that is all kaput. I spent another couple hours today trying to get it back to the way I had it, and am giving up for the day, any help would be MUCH appreciated!



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  • Plugins :0 There is a plugin for (almost) everything:

    Well, I got a temporary fix through the theme switcher and theme preview. It doesnt permamanently switch the theme to the one I designate, and only works for one theme, the dafault one. I’m not really satisfied, but will be ok for now.

    If anyone has any good ideas, plugins, pages, workarounds, I’m all ears.

    Define “designate a theme” and maybe we can understand better what you want. I thought you just wanted to see it for yourself…

    I need to have one theme specifically for embeding in my front page, it has a background graphic which fits into a iframe window and integrates into the overall design. I would like the blog to appear as another theme, say deafult or pool or something like that when users click over to the full blog. I used to be able to switch the theme for the current user using the URLs like I listed above wptheme=

    Now, it seems I can only designate one theme to be used constantly and cannot switch them outside of the presentation panel in the administration.

    if you want to see the page I am referencing, check:

    Thanks for your suggestions and continued attention!!

    Oh, it’s more complicated than I thought 🙂
    However, you can achieve something similar by doing this:
    a) display the posts in your main page without any iframe, just by following this tutorial, see Scenario #1.
    And you can style it as you wish
    b) Have your blog displayed with whatever theme you want.

    BTW, I visited your site and if I click on any internal blog link in the iframe… it becomes a disaster 🙁

    Thanks moshu, it’s getting close now… I just have to figure out how to style the css to match my site… it looks and works(!!) much better now. It’s just going to take a couple more hours of experimentation to get the styles to work, then I can leave it alone for another couple months!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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