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  • Resolved Matt Scheidler


    I believe this may be similar to the report 2 weeks ago:

    I am using a child theme that was created about 3 years ago.

    Today I upgraded a site to version 4.1.34. I was a few versions behind, I think I was using 4.1.28. Upon upgrading, all formatting was lost. Upon investigation I found that the entire <head> was missing from the HTML code.

    By going to the header.php file in the updated parent Customizr theme I found that lines 28-44 included the <head>. This was not present in my child header.php…it went straight from the conditional IE7/IE8 code to the __before_body hook. I’m guessing that hook previously called in the <head> tag and content, including wp_head().

    By copying lines 28-44 from the Customizr header.php into my child header.php, my child theme’s style.css was found and my site returned to normal.

    Just sharing this in case someone else possibly encounters the same issue.

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  • I just found where you had released this information on your website. Would it be possible to also place a link within the theme itself when major (breaking) changes are going to happen? The ‘get details’ link on the Theme page could go to the Release Notes to make it more clear. Just a suggestion. This is the first time I think I’ve had a problem updating the theme, in the 3 years this site has been live. Keep up the good work.

    Yes I agree there’s room for improvement about this type of changes, thanks for this suggestion. I’ll see what I can do and what the rules of the theme repository allows us to do.
    Thanks for sharing this tip. I set the topic as resolved then.

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