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    We are on WordPress 3.5. My client has purchased and installed the Pro Version with several enhancements, including MultiForms. We have two problems.
    1. On the original version, the first and last form are stacking on the form preview. On a further inspection, it seems that the first form stacks with all succeeding forms. This is before the multiform is enabled in the Settings.
    2. My client thought that updating would help. The updates broke the site entirely. I uploaded my back up of the original version and the site worked fine. Then we tries the updates again with the same results.
    Thank you for addressing these two issues.


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  • Plugin Author James Laws


    We need more information.

    1. If you client purchased Ninja Forms Pro did she upgrade Ninja Forms and then download and install all of her Extensions for those Pro features from our site?
    2. When you say “updates broke the site” what exactly do you mean? White screen? Display issues? Error Messages? A clearer description would go a long way into diagnosing your situation.
    3. I really don’t know what you mean by “stacking”. Can you clarify this more.

    Thank you for your response!

    1. I will ask my client what in what order he loaded the plugin.
    2. The site is a white screen. There was no PHP error. I did not View -> Page Source to see how much loaded, but I will assume that it failed before reaching the header or in the header because there was no title tag. I have reinstalled the backed up version so that the site isn’t totally missing.
    3. Here are the steps we took and the results:
    – Go to Forms in the Dashboard
    – Go to the list of forms
    – Choose the first form
    – Go to the Preview tab
    – The resulting form page has the first form at the top and then the second form. (There were two messages about fields being * were required fields.) If I remember correctly, there was only one submit form. There was only one comment form, but that makes sense.

    Plugin Author James Laws


    Well the big issue here is that we no longer support previous versions older than the 2.0 release because the code structure is so dramatically different. That being said, and upgrade shouldn’t break there site.

    Here is the good news. Since they purchased while we were still offering a Pro version they have 1 year of priority support for free so here is what we can do.

    If they visit http://wpninjas.com/support/forum/priority-support/ninja-forms/ we will help them with the upgrade completely so they don’t have any broken site issues again. And since they will be on the most recent versions and as long as they keep updated (through the automatic upgrades) they shouldn’t have this problem again.

    Thank you! I have just forwarded your post to my client.

    My client was very pleased with your rapid response! I will post the results on my Facebook page for my students too. I often recommend Ninja Forms.

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