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  • Hi, yesterday i tried to upgrade my near vanilla 1.6 site to 2.7.1, and it did not work. When i came to the point of trying to login at admin to complete the process nothing happened. So i reverted to the saved blog.

    during my preparation I saw a reference to the fact that there are people with software who do the upgrade for you – they ahve software routines to do it all. Today i can’t find that informaiton even thought i went through the history. does anybody know who has an economical service to do upgrades?

    Thanks, Angus

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  • whooami



    if you are looking for people to contact you, leave your own email addy or a way to contact you and the thread will be locked.

    Hi whooami – are you saying I should give my contact details or shoudl not – sorry to be thick?

    If you want to try and upgrade yourself again, you can check out this video. If you don’t have Cpanel, then just use FTP for the file transfer parts.

    How to Upgrade WordPress to Using Cpanel

    The only difference in your case, since you are upgrading a very old site, is that you should do it incrementally…best to go through each major version. You can get all the previous versions from the download page here on

    If you want to pay someone to do it, you should consider posting to the following list.

    OK, thanks for that – very kind of you, I will check it out

    Actually, I see that the theme I have is 1.6 but that does not mean the WordPress version is the same. So stupid question but after spending some time looking in the Codex and searching the admin and installation: how do I find what version of WordPress I have installed?

    If you don’t see it in the admin footer, view the source code in your browser and you should see it there.

    Sadly neither – I think the version information has been replaced by the request to upgrade. However, I solved the problem by tracing the original download I did! so thanks for the help!

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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