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  • As soon as the WordPress 3.3.2 notification appeared on my admin page on April 20, I upgraded. Immediately afterward, I could not access my admin page. I started receiving a NextGen Gallery exhausted memory error across the top of the screen. While trying to view posts I did not receive the error. I logged in to my site as a regular subscriber, and I couldn’t access that admin page either.

    The only way I could get my site to fully function again was to uninstall NextGen using Filezilla. I only had about eight galleries established with one or two photos in each. I really miss this plugin.

    I have tried to install the updated plugin, which was released on April 20 as well. I still don’t have any luck.

    The reason I really like NextGen is because it provides a link on the Add Media popup window, and I can add a single photo to an existing Gallery. The ability to organize photos is priceless.

    My site is accessed strictly by username and password, via MagicMembers. It’s a paid subscription site.

    On March 29, 2012, I printed my last print edition of my weekly newspaper. We are now a daily news website. This is the future for newspapers.

    Example of why we need this plugin to work again: If I take a photo of a city worker repairing a fire hydrant, I need to be able to add that photo to the “City” photo gallery, then insert that photo into a post.

    If anyone could please help, I would very much appreciate it. I’m currently using the factory WordPress library for photos, but it won’t be long until I’m buried in unorganized photos.

    I had never even tried WordPress until February, and I’ve already abandoned the print racket to focus 100 percent on my WordPress daily news website.

    Thanks in advance for any help steering me in the direction of getting NextGen to work on my site.



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  • Ah, that title to my post was supposed to say “knocked out.” If you want to change it, you have my blessing. Sorry about that.

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