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  • Hope the subject line isn’t a little misleading… I don’t need any help, that’s just the name for my new design. I finally had some time to upgrade to WP 1.2 and do a much needed redesign.
    I had to do a bit of hacking to get all the section headers to look the way I wanted it too, but I think in the end it all came out satisfactory.
    Check it out, and as always, feedback is appreciated:

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  • Nice one 🙂 good job there 🙂 You could prolly make search button as wide as the search field, or just center the button. 🙂
    Regards, MaxT

    That was a good idea. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing for a second there. I completely overlooked #menu form in the stylesheet. It does look much better centered.
    Any idea how to make the search box a bit bigger? I thought size=”#” in the input tag itself, but that didn’t seem to change anything.

    I just can’t get into the default font. To me it looks squeezed cl looks like d.

    just make an ID for search box and define in your css at the end in px

    Root. I completely overlooked the font. It’s set to a font that I don’t have, and so defaulted to my desktop’s serif font. It looked fine to me, so I didn’t even bother to change it. I’ll have to find one of the more standard fonts. I was actually thinking of changing to a serif. I generally hate them, but it will probably go better with the theme.
    Reminds me, I forgot to see if the template even works in IE. I’ll have to wait until I get to work for that, as I’m running Linux at home.

    Great redesign. I love the colors and overall feel of the site. I have one little suggestion… The sidebar’s headers feel a little too heavy for the design. Perhaps knocking the size down a bit and increasing the letter-spacing would help? 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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