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    I have been an ardent fan of s2Member/Websharks and have loved the stuff that Jason and the crew provides. However, I am really disappointed in the current release of the Quick Cache plugin, primarily because in upgrading, I find that features have been removed, and are now only available in a paid version.

    I have to say that I have never experienced a “downgrade” in features like this, and it is very upsetting. What’s more upsetting is that this group didn’t appear like many other developers do that are just looking for money. Oh, well – too good to be true for long, I suppose.

    What had me notice this is that I can no longer clear the cache manually like I used to do when making updates to a page that QuickCache didn’t notice – I could just clear it out and do my development testing.

    Sigh, time to go looking for another cache plugin and retrofitting all my sites. But, it just comes with the territory, I guess. I’m just really sad over this.

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  • What’s more upsetting is that this group didn’t appear like many other developers do that are just looking for money.

    You are implying everybody should be working for you for free then? Do you not realize how many hours must be spent on development and support (!) for free WordPress and all its free plugins and themes already? I’m shocked.

    I agree it’s not very nice to find that what is presented as an upgrade (it appears to have many bugfixes will also make you loose some functionality.

    But it is you are not obliged to take the upgrade. Simply uninstall the current and reinstall the older version. You can get it from

    Ravan, I never said that, nor did I imply that people should be working for free. I fully support (both in spirit and dollars) developers being paid for their efforts. In 2013, I spent a LOT of money on plugins.

    No, no – you miss the point; once you’ve been in this community awhile, you get the sense of how things operate, and this action goes against some of those unspoken tenets.

    Had they released a new kick-ass plugin that had all those features and cost a little money, I would be in the first 10 people to buy it. And they could have kept the free plugin unaffected (and bug-free) and kept a lot of us happy while we migrate to the new product.

    Instead, under the guise of an “upgrade”, they REMOVED features without notice and caused a lot of people a lot of grief in a lot of websites. And from the other comments, it appears that a bunch of stuff broke, which is also very very odd for websharks. They had been known for top-quality stuff.

    Sure, I have the option of not taking the upgrade, but get real here. How many times have you said “gee, there’s an upgrade to xyz plugin. I think I’ll spend the next hour trying to figure out if I want it or not?” Assuming of course, that they clearly state that some features are removed and there’s a new paid option. I’ll wager you click the “select all plugins / upgrade” option every time. Especially across 30 websites that you’re maintaining. No, it’s not “simple” to downgrade to previous releases and remember to not upgrade next time. Not in the real world anyway.

    Not only did I purchase all their s2Member stuff, I told at least 50 other people how cool it was, and I know of at least 6 people who bought it. That’s called “generating good will” and its how you can make a lot of money here. Under-promise and over-deliver. That’s what they were known for. The converse of that, “generating ill will” can kill a business. It is virulent and fast when it happens, and this kind of stuff generates ill will.

    Adding injury to insult, I spent an hour removing the plugin from all my websites and replacing it with something else.

    But thank you for your reasoned response. I get your point of view and I actually align with much of it. If you code a mile in my sandals, you might see why this was such a slap.

    Plugin Author Raam Dev


    @randyking Let me start by saying thank you for the feedback. After rewriting and splitting the plugin into two versions, Jason handed over the lead developer responsibilities to me for this plugin and, with his help, I will be working to continue improving Quick Cache.

    The feature that you say was removed, “that I can no longer clear the cache manually like I used to do”, has not been removed at all. You can still clear the cache manually in the Lite version: simply visit Dashboard → Quick Cache and click the ‘Clear Cache’ button. What was removed from the Lite version was the Clear Cache button in the Admin Bar at the top of the Dashboard.

    I personally disagree with how Jason removed features from the free version after rewriting the plugin, but that is behind us now; I’m working to improve things going forward. Quick Cache had previously not been updated in over two years. Jason rewrote Quick Cache from the ground up and with such a big rewrite, there were bound to be a few issues as users updated–especially as there had been no update to the plugin in over two years. Jason and I are in agreement that more could’ve been done to make the ride smoother for those upgrading, but we’re learning from this experience and working to improve things going forward. There really shouldn’t have been so much time in between updates and I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen again in the future.

    Several users have brought up issues here and on GitHub with regards to features that they feel should be in Quick Cache Lite (the free version). I’m reintroducing some of those features, such as automatic Home Page and Post Page cache clearing when publishing a new post (reintroduced in v131224) and URI Exclusion Patterns, which will be coming back in future release.

    I’m open to feedback and I welcome any suggestions you may have for how Quick Cache can be improved. I apologize for any inconvenience or frustration the recent updates may have caused you.

    Hey, Raam – thanks for taking the time to respond to this. I really did not know that the ability to clear cache was moved to the dashboard. It goes back to perception – my focus was in developing something that was time-sensitive, the updates were not showing up, and all of a sudden I find that I can’t clear the cache. In the “heat of the battle”, I wasn’t in the mindset to go exploring to see if it moved. When I saw the comparison checkmark showing ability to clear the cache was in the paid version, I assumed it was no longer in the free version. I had development to get done and fast, so my only recourse was to delete the plugin.

    Above all else, I hope this experience will help you with decisions in the future about code. You guys had an awesome model of giving away some really great stuff, and it made me want to buy.

    Thanks again, good luck with it all.

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