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  • I want to first say that up to the upgrade to Email Subsribers 4.0, it was easily my favorite plugin. For a website that sends newsletters daily to different client lists, it made the task so simple and easy. I could save a bunch of templates, edit those templates easy even from my mobile phone and issue those messages to all my clients within seconds. It could not be much easier. The post notifications that I could program to go out to my clients was awesome. However someone always feels they need to reinvent the wheel! Sometimes a product is good as it is and it won’t get better so just leave it.

    Evidently IceGram felt differently. I wish I could give this zero stars but that is not an option. The upgrade so dynamically changes what made Email Subscribers great that it has turned a 5* product into an unusable product for the most part. Yes, maybe IceGram feels these changes are good but they should check with customers, who actually use the product daily, regarding the changes. Provide a demo or something.

    So, to developers out there. When people get used to a system and program that they use every day for years…the same interface and then your dramatically change it, you should expect some backlash. It’s one thing to get used to a new interface but another thing to get used to a new bad interface.

    No longer can I just submit a newsletter to my client list and it goes out immediately. Now I have to set it up as a cron job which adds news steps to things. I want my newsletter to go out as soon as I push a button. I used to be able to select template, email immediately and the list I wanted to send to and click submit. How much easier can it get??? What a great system! Why the move to cron jobs all of a sudden? So my message can go out 20, 30, 60 minutes later when the job initiates? Come on! Not to mention I have to try and program the cron job into my hosting provider’s system. Oh and don’t forget I now have to wonder if it went out. I like to submit my newsletter and go out or to dinner. Knowing the message went out successfully. Now I have to wonder if the cron initiated and it went out. If it didn’t now I have to screw around 30 minutes later and manually enter the link in my browser. A lot of what I do is mobile and that complicates things when using a mobile phone to send newsletters.

    Then the templates, which were a big part of the previous program, no longer have a place on the admin menu? You now have to search around within the other options to get a “Manage Template” button. Come on!

    I have never left a review in years as a WordPress user. I actually had to create an account here today to do it. However this upgrade is such a joke that I had to vent my anger somehow. Thankfully I see I am not the only one with issues on the “upgrade”.

    To anyone thinking of using this plugin…go somewhere else! There are now plenty of better newsletter solutions. A week ago this was by far the best. Now, they have completely ruined it. Sad, it really was a great one.

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  • Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu



    First of all, I would like to thank you for taking time and writing your detailed review for Email Subscribers. It shows your commitment towards this product and you can’t see the bad things in this product.

    We can understand the frustration you have especially when working system suddenly stops working or some bug pops up and some major changes happen in the system which seems odd at the first place. We are taking the full responsibility of this situation and we are committed to fix all the issues and make this product super useful for people.

    We made terminology changes with a purpose and also put all things together logically. So, it seems difficult to find things especially when you are used to old system. In few weeks you will also be used to this new system and won’t find any difficulties as well.

    We are committed to make this product better and help many people. We have also fixed issues and released Email Subscribers 4.0.5 Today. Kindly, check with 4.0.5 and let us know your feedback.

    Once again, thanks for your feedback. Feel free to give us your feedback. We are here to listen you.

    You should stop defending your UX changes. Whatever the “purpose” that was in your mind, you clearly never polled your users. That’s not a mistake. It is unprofessional. And it breaks a trust between us. So, whatever your “purpose,” it was wrong. It is OUR purposes, as users, that should be guiding your efforts.

    Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu


    @avidtrader It’s not about defending our mistakes or UX changes. It’s all about getting better. We also have to upgrade ourself otherwise today’s top plugin will be dead tomorrow if we resists changes.

    We agree that we made serious mistakes but it doesn’t mean we stop doing changes in the plugin. Yes..we definitely have to make sure we don’t repeat our mistakes in the future.

    It’s all about betterment and delivering values. We continue to improve our products and delivering higher values.

    Yes..we know users may think differently than what we think. We already communicated changes in advance and we got few responses on it as well.

    We are also expecting higher participation from our users and that’s why we also have created Facebook Group where people can give their feedback on upcoming things and together we will build good solution which actually helps millions of people.

    We encourage you to participate on WordPress forum as well as on our Facebook group.

    Feel free to share your thoughts. We will be happy to hear from you.

    You may be the best coder in the universe. But if you introduced a single new feature or CHANGED/REMOVED a single aspect WITHOUT CONSULTING AT LEAST A FOCUS GROUP OF CURRENT USERS then you made a mistake. Not a coding mistake, which even the greats make, and which can be corrected. A marketing mistake, which can be existential.

    You didn’t do that. Don’t claim you did that. Multiple features were suddenly GONE, features that were integral to how so many customers used your product. Did you ever compile ANY use-cases before disappearing the Reports, or the Templates, or introducing the reliance on Cron jobs? (To name just a few.) Has no one EVER asked you to integrate with Mailchimp and others? THAT would have been worth doing.

    Preparing your user base for a change, providing a forum for them to communicate about the change, is all SECONDARY to choosing what to change.

    So much potentially great software is now gone forever because its creator didn’t realize the product had reached a critical mass of users, and THEY were the ones to dictate changes. You’re not Steve Jobs.


    Clearly, you did not thoroughly test the new version. None of them, I believe. Maybe in 2-3 environments, but not in every permutation of vWP, O/S, device. Not every feature. Sign-ups? You did not test that. WE TESTED IT, EVERY NEW ITERATION. Testing will never discover every bug, but good testing discovers most — before making us suffer the rest.

    So, thank you for the product, and for the headaches.

    Plugin Contributor Malay Ladu


    @avidtrader Thanks for sharing.

    We are totally agree whatever you described.

    We will make sure this shouldn’t happen again.

    At the same time we would like to request every user of a Email Subscribers plugin to participate in future surveys/ polls and give your feedback without any hesitation.

    We are here to help you. So, your participation is really important for this product.

    @elitedesignfx We would like to thank you for all your efforts to create WordPress account and writing your review. We make sure, we will not let you down again.

    Once again, thanks for your review. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any query. We will be happy to help you.

    And yes, you may want to check with Email Subscribers 4.0.9.

    Thanks in advance!

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