• Upgrading is still something that difficult for some users. I haven’t upgrade my blog because my poor internet connection here. I think something like instant-upgrade should be available by default. Unable to upgrade can be dangerous to your blog given that WordPress has very poor security record. WordPress just lucky because it has many plugins available. If not the codebase should be useless. I just hate someone who write upgrading is simple because overwriting is much difficult and dangerous(if you not careful) than installing itself despite maybe it will took less time.

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  • Maybe I am missing something here… but how would an “instant-upgrade” (nescafe-style?) solve your poor internet connection issue?

    You know i can’t use ftp client. What i only can use HTTP for anything. So if there is instant upgrade it should be easier to me. I don’t have to use ftp. I know there is net2ftp but it still fairly slow. And instant-upgrade plugin already available and I just want it to be include or implemented on wordpress by default. This plugin is not for someone who installed wordpress using Fantastico(which most people do).

    Is it because of your server/host or because of your local internet provider?

    Well, I am not a technical person, so I have no idea how could an instant upgrade work… but here is my offer to you: contact me in private whenever you need an upgrade and I’ll do the 5-minutes files upload for you.

    Thanks for your offer….but i can’t keep hoping someone will do this for me…I’ve overwrite XML-RPC.php(i think it’s enough) with the new one. One more….if you want to see that plugin go to here

    I didn’t mean to write wordpress codebase is useless.. Actually i really angry with my internet connection.
    It is just a blind expression

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