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  • Is one star the lowest review I can give?
    Same thing as the last guy – Rogue input fields for email, name, etc. Then there is the constant reporting of error codes for Captcha cache,

    Confirmation emails won’t send and the list goes on and on. My Web developer has worked the entire day trying to straighten this thing out, and what is most maddening? The old version worked with no drips no drools and no errors. This release should not have been made public with this many problems. I can’t begin to guess how much money web owners are going to spend with their tech people try to replace this form and/or resolve the issues. I give zero stars.

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  • The issue from the “last guy” is fixed, problem solved. There are no rogue links.

    The captcha cache files are a function of the captcha.
    Using cache files to store the code in files instead of PHP sessions provides the best compatibility with themes and other plugins. Those files are harmless and they self cleanup. You can enable PHP sessions if you want not to have those files at all. And if you have a security scanner, you can add that folder to the whitelist.

    Here is the help page:

    Here is the help page for confirmation email not working:

    Problem: the confirmation emails are not sent out

    Hello flipper427, have you tried the latest version? I have tested the latest version in my websites without an issue. If you have any problems it would be great if you could start a support ticket here. I am sure someone would be able to assist you with your issue.

    The support you receive from Mike Challis is great. There are others who will also assist you with your issue.

    Kind regards

    Yes, I have tried the last version – still the same problem, I get this warning Warning: You have disabled the email address field on the Fields tab, you will not be able to reply to emails and the confirmation email (if enabled) will not work. – but the system won’t allow any changes – Before the lasted version 4.0.14 If I unchecked disable email, the form installed a an email field that wasn’t needed, or even within the boundaries of the form – I’m getting hundreds of errors from the form daily similar to:

    Why are you still worried about the captcha cache files? I already replied to you and explained that they temporarily store the captcha code. I even explained that if you do not want to use files for cache you can enable PHP sessions on the Advanced tab. And if you have a security scanner that thinks the files might be harmful, they are not. You can add that cache folder to the whitelist so they are safely ignored.

    The disabled email warning is just a reminder. You can ignore the warning if it was your intention to disable the email field. The reminder is necessary to limit support request from people who may have disabled the email field and then wonder why the confirmation email does not work.

    If you need any more help, please start a support topic

    Nope, no help needed. We’re moving on to something else. After 2-1/2 days of tech people on the clock We simply can’t afford this plug-in.
    All the best,


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    Nope, no help needed.

    I don’t see any support request that you’ve asked for in these support forums.

    Although I do like Mike’s patience with this review. *Raises coffee cup to Mike*

    After 2-1/2 days of tech people on the clock We simply can’t afford this plug-in.

    So you are having problems with this plugin, you take the time out to create a 1 star star review but you cannot take the time to post a support topic?

    Your call and that’s fine. But people do read these review and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they discounted this one.

    Hi @jonnyirish have you tested the latest version? Many are happy with the latest release. Perhaps you might like to try it?

    Thank you

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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