• I had problems upgrading to 2.7 with fantistico. Basically I lost all of plug-ins and had to backtrack.

    The upgrade I want is to 2.1.

    The plug-ins I want most of all is the sidebar wizards. I also use an email and print plug-in and feed burner.

    Does this work with 2.1?

    If I save the files I have changed in the theme can I them save them as the new theme files to get it to work?

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  • Check the [[Plugin_Compatibility/2.1|2.1 Plugin Compatibility list]] for the plugin you mention.

    Backup your theme files before doing the upgrade. Unless you’ve modified the ‘default’ or ‘classic’ themes, the 2.1 distribution will not affect your theme files.

    Please review: Upgrading WordPress

    I did change some of the files in the default theme so the plug-ins would work. What do I do?

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