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  • Hello!
    I had an upgrade to 2.3.3 and i am facing these problems:

    [1] New post > write body text > press publish
    and the text disappears.

    I deactivated the wysiwyg option and after that the problem gone. But then, the next problem came.

    [2] Every new post that i publish, is saved but it is not published, it doesn’t appears at the website. I can see it normally at the post list but not in the website.

    a. I am using Safari and Firefox (on a mac).
    b. I cannot find an .htaccess file inside wp-admin folder.
    c. I found at the post_content at the db
    Attributes: (nothing there)
    Null: No
    Default: (nothing there)
    Extra: (nothing there)
    d. The site is up and running, old posts can get edited.

    So, any ideas why new posts do saved but don’t appears at the site?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

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