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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Please read the whole thread – many people have added useful information !

    This applies ONLY to an upgrade from 1.5 to 1.5.1 – it is not the method to use if upgrading from an earlier version.

    It may look complicated – it isn’t!

    1. BACKUP your database
    2. Download 1.5.1. Unzip it.
    3. Open the unzipped folder, and DELETE wp-images. (You have no need for these in an upgrade)
    4. Now open your ftp program and go to your blog directories
    5. On the server, delete the directories wp-admin and wp-includes. Note: If you have “languages” directory in your wp-includes folder (with .mo files) you may want to save/backup those before deleting the wp-includes directory. Upload the new ones.
    6. The Classic and Default themes have been changed slightly so if you wish to, you can upload those to your wp-content folder.
    7. (See the post below this)

    8. On the server and at blog root, delete the old WordPress files and upload new ones. I recommend you do this one by one if you are not sure. Do not delete wp-config.php.
    9. Now run “”

    That’s it.
    You don’t go near your wp-content folder so your themes and plugins are perfectly safe. this is a very easy upgrade – probably the easiest one yet for WordPress.

    Please use a proper ftp client.

    Please don’t think it’s easier to overwrite and not bother deleting files first – you will get errors, you’ll post here for help, we’ll tell you to do it properly, you will and the errors will go away. Far easier to cut that middle stuff out 🙂

    If you wish, you can delete the following files:

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  • I’ve been having a problem with the theme editor, I can edit the style sheet it loads up and when I go to theme editor and it saves but it tells me this afterwards “The requested theme does not exist.” and it also happens if click on another file to edit on the right side links it gives me that message. 3 out of the 4 themes I have installed do this, Classic, default, and Journalized-Sand. The Zig-zag theme works perfectly fine. And I also deleted the files posted in this thread before uploading, went thru this step twice already with no success, I rstored the database and uploaded all the old files an tried again with no luck. It’s to late tonite but tomorrow i’ll try a fresh install.

    whooami & macmanx :

    WP1.5 was my first install & nearly everything worked, it is impressive. Now there is a minor new release, fine. I don’t want to remove complete dirs and upload others. I’m mostly interested in fixing the security issue before it’s too late. I understand that the only way is to upgrade. And then my feeds won’t work anymore. ( I have got many ! ).

    So the situation is : I need to choose between a (unpublished does mean Dangerous ! ) security bug and unworking feeds.

    I am very grateful to all WP developers but I must honestly say that this is less impressive. Usual guidelines are :
    – security must be fixed asap.
    – other features must wait before thorough testing is over

    Doesn’t matter if we wait 3 more weeks for the non-critical update and it should never be mandatory.

    But really, many thanks whatsoever !





    All I am suggesting is that the security fix be provided independantly and in addition to.. I have NO fuctional issues with how my blog runs. I also dont need a link in my admin area to download Firefox (1 changed file, and NOT necessary).

    85 files changed. It would seem to me that providing the most critical changes could not possibly be that hard to provide.

    Expecting your userbase to make major changes with every single incremental release will get old quickly, regardless of how many users you have. Take a look at how phpBB handles security issues.

    Browsing the forum, more people seem to be introducing trouble by upgrading.. then by not.

    Look for a BAStats update later today that’ll work with 1.5.1.

    Whooami: The upgrade process is made so simple and safe. Why all this worry about manually diffing files. If you ask me, you’re wasting your time.

    Sounds like
    A. You’ve made some serious changes to the WordPress core
    B. You enjoy wasting your time

    I just dropped the files in making sure not to overwrite/delete my wp-config.php file and the theme/plugin directories. All updates taken care of, everything works.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    whooami: “Browsing the forum, more people seem to be introducing trouble by upgrading.. then by not.”

    Numbers please ??????????

    Thanks for the update! It was easy to install, although I had only hacked one file so it wasn’t difficult to work with the changes.


    I’m seeing an issue – when I browse a single post ( for example) my header seems too narrow.

    Anyone know what could be causing this?


    I think including the note about language files in step 5 would be helpful.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    AdrianB – added. Thanks !




    Im not going to get into with you over that remark.. the forum is littered with issues related to upgrading — even this thread is. I understand, of course, that the upgrades that go well arent going to be seen posted here, obviously.

    Additionally, WHY is so unthinkable that someone might NOT want to change 85 files??? I dont understand the general insistence that it be done that way. What is anyone losing by my suggestion? Nothing.

    It doesnt matter what my reason is. It could be because i’ve heavily hacked the core, it might be because I am lazy, it does NOT matter, and certainly should NOT matter. The fact is that not everyone is applying this upgrade..for whatever reasons (and yes I can and WILL provide links to blogs where they have already posted that they wont be upgrading)

    The fact is that MOST security related/incremental updates for packages like this are NOT handled this way — critical updates are made available seperately. Just ONE of the reasons why is precisely because of people like me — that will take another route before changing 85 core files. Common sense tells me that if I want to make sure people apply the most critical of updates, I make it as simple as possible on them .. and I am sorry, changing 85 files, and running a db upgrade is not the easiest way. Not when you already have a fully functional, no complaints blog.

    for example:

    Please notice how acid has provided a fix for the most serious issue. He didnt need to divulge the exploit. He just provided the simplest fix. Done deal.

    I do not believe that is too much to ask. If anyone else here, short of Matt or Ryan think it is, I really dont care, and frankly you have issues.


    Podz is a volunteer who is generously giving of his time out of the goodness of his heart.

    IF you want his help, I suggest you respect that. He is under absolutely no obligation to help you.



    “my header seems too narrow.”

    Looking at the source of your site, I’m not seeing a #page declaration in the css for your header (which is where Kubrick passes the background image for the content portion). Try reuploading the header.php for the default theme.

    EDIT: Just realized you’re not using an out-of-the-box version of the default. Just double-check you’ve got everything set up correct for your theme.




    I dont believe I’ve asked for any help in this thread. I thought I was making a suggestion. thanks anyway, I will send off an email to matt with my suggestion. The lock step thinking that takes place on this forum is incredulous.

    podz, security doesn’t work that way, especially with an open source application.

    Once you’ve provided a patch or a fix, you need to identify what the security problem is, so that people can make an informed decision. It might help if the team provides a security patch for those who can’t upgrade.

    Those of us who have forked the code–a legitimate action, by the way, in true open source development–should be made aware of any vulnerability in the parent code we may still be using, though I will be going through the fixes individually and have a clue what the problem might be (because of the name of the person who submitted the security concern).

    Keeping the problem quiet before a fix is understandable — but not after the fix is provided.

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