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    Greetings all,

    So, there was an attempted hack on one of the sites I maintain. This caused a flood of data into StatPress Visitor. Now there is a backup issue.

    “Warning: Table XXXXXX has very many rows (1070475) – we hope your web hosting company gives you enough resources to dump out that table in the backup.”

    The backup will just hang here at this point. I saw the mention of reducing the SplitArchives from 800mb to 50mb, this didn’t change anything.

    I have let the plugin run long enough and the schedule keeps restarting but only gets about 45% of the way through the paritcular table mentioned with a million rows.

    I would like to backup this info because at this point, if anything happens to the site, I’ll likely loose some customizations that won’t get caught since the last full backup.

    Pastebin of latest log:

    Despite the “The backup apparently succeeded and is now complete” in the log file, there is no database backup. I made sure the option NOT to include the DB was NOT checked.

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  • Hi Don,

    1 million rows in a single table is huge… if your web host doesn’t allow enough time to dump that out (which would be understandable), then your best bet would be to go into the StatPress settings, and set it to log less data; e.g. to purge data over a few weeks old.

    Best wishes,

    (just posting again in order to tick the ‘notify me’ box this time…)


    Thanks David for the reponse. Forgot to do this :/

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