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  • Greetings all!

    I went to do a backup on one of my sites after doing a bunch of plugin/theme updates, before I did a wo core update and got the following error message:

    “Warning: A zip error occurred – check your log for more details.
    Warning: Your website is visited infrequently and UpdraftPlus is not getting the resources it hoped for; please read this page:

    So, being the good little user, I went to the link proffered and was even further confused by the following parts:

    – “if your website has zero visitors between midnight and 5am, and if your backup is scheduled to run just after midnight, then it won’t actually get to run until a visitor turns up at 5 am.”
    – “Your website is not known by search engines”
    – “Your website has almost no other visitors”
    – “UpdraftPlus has detected a lack of visitors”

    I seriously have to ask….what the heck does ‘visitors’ have anything to do with my backup??? This seems to be a rather silly and seriously inconveneint limitation for simply just making a backup of files. What does it matter how many people do/do not see my website? I just did 8 updates (5 plugs, 3 themes) and want to make a backup of the currently working site before updating to 3.8 in case something goes wrong during the update. The logic of this limitation escapes me. “Help me David Anderson, you’re my only hope!”

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