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  • Hello everybody, i am Michael, french, sorry for my bad english !

    I write here, i hope it’s the good place ? i read a lot for be sure but i can do error =S

    I have one big problem i can’t resolve alone, and i found nothing about this on internet, this is the reason why i come here 🙁

    My host did one big problem, with the version 2.0 his console admin, she provoqued problem on my website and also on the backup

    All the categorys and theire design and widget was in was deleted if 0 content was in. The rest, with content, wasn’t deleted

    He said it’s not him pff i have all the proof, but it’s not the subject

    My question :

    I have one old backup, 3 months ago where was all the category

    It is possible please said me, take just what i want in this old backup : the category, theire design, and IF possible.. the widget was in the columns :'(

    It’s lot of days work lost if i must do all, and i can take more old backup because i put lot of plugin and files traductions and work since 3 months 🙁

    It is possible or no ? And if Yes, can you saiud me how do and the locations files ? Thanks a lot, i hope i will have one hero in this forum 🙁


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  • It is possible, but not easy.
    First, get clear in your head that categories and widgets and posts are all stored in the database. Plugins, themes, and images are stored in files in your wp-content folder. You might have plugins that store other things in files or database.

    You can create a WordPress installation on your computer, and load the information from your old backup. Then you can use plugins to export just the categories or just the widgets from there and import to your live site.
    Or export from your live site just the recent work you’ve done, and import it to your local copy to merge with the old backup. Then migrate the whole thing to your live site.

    You will need to look at some plugins to help you do this.

    hi 😀 Thank you for your answer, i didn’t had alert mail and didn’t saw your mail, i found soluce since, See you ! 😀

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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