Updating WP1 to WP2 and tmp file race error (2 posts)

  1. nightowl_oo
    Posted 9 years ago #

    we seem to be having problems with the new install of WordPress v2.01. It seems to be generating hundreds of files per minute within the root /tmp folder which are randomly named but look similiar to "tmpWURUUl, tmpWOL0b1, etc".

    It seems the generation of thees files are causing us database connection problems.

    We have noticed that these files are similar to ones made by wordpress in the "wp-content/cache" folder when updating wp1 to wp2 in php safe mode as it generates an error pointing to this folder during the database update process complaining of uid/guid php permissions.

    Please help.

  2. codemonkey
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I have just posted on another thread about this problem - we sorted it out by backing up the database, then cleaning out wordpress and installing a clean downloaded version, then reimporting the database. We were unable to work out what had caused the issue, but there had been server problems which had offered the database update option, so I now wonder if that was a contributory factor.

    I believe someone on the other thread suggested disable_cache, though I've no idea where you do that.


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