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  • I’m getting this jQuery not defined and an issue with mediaelement-migrate.min.js

    It causes several other plugins JavaScript not to function (Gravity Forms / My Theme / etc.) I rolled back to 2.5.9 too to fix it.

    Plugin Author Raul P.


    @alkemiko @jamesdlow Version 2.5.9 and earlier, had a bug where it was stripping off any JS or CSS code which is inlined by plugins, without an actual file.

    Some plugins inline css or js code but they don’t need to enqueue a js file for that.

    Version 2.6.0 started skipping those situations, so what happens is that code that before was being stripped out (despite working fine), is now allowed to be shown on the page, which is the correct behaviour.

    I understand it may have broken your specific sites, but it’s a change that is needed, as we cannot simply strip off code injected by plugins for everyone.

    The solution for “undefined” errors is to use the ignore list.

    In your case, for the “jQuery not defined” you need to select the option to exclude jquery (it says there that it may fix those errors). Alternatively, you can use the ignore list as well.

    It just happens that your theme or plugins, needs jquery to be render blocking, because now there is inlined code that depends on that external file loading earlier. Of course before, we were simply removing it… that’s why it never showed up.

    For the media element is the same situation.
    One or more of the js files related to the media element, needs to be ignored via the ignore list. That way it will load in place and thus it will be defined, when the inline script needs it.

    You can still enable the option to defer or hide the ignore list for pagespeed insights, so it should not affect your score.

    Let me know later if you still need help with that, or managed to solve it.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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