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  • I have twentyeleven theme in version 1.2. It says I can upgrade to 1.5 but will lose all of my customization. Is this true? Is there a way to keep the custom and still upgrade? Sorry I’m still very new to wordpress and trying to understand it all. I did create a child for twentyeleven and it is what is active now but not sure if that is the best way to do it or should I just update? Any help is greatly appreciated.

    This stems from an issue with wp e-commerce and I think that is causing some undefined function errors.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

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  • If you are using a Child Theme, you should be fine. But still it’s always a good idea to be sure you’ve backed up your site before updating.

    Thanks WPyogi, I have it backed up. Is it true that if I update, I will then need to go back in and cusomize the theme again? I admit I’m a bit of a Newbie when it comes to WP, though I’ve done a lot with web design, but mostly in dreamweaver.

    Have you modified any of the parent theme files (i.e. style.css or any .php files). Those are the only changes that would be overwritten. Customizations in the dashboard (options or settings) or in the child theme files should be fine.

    Well, I inherited the site from another admin. The site is It has been customized, at least from my understanding of customizing. Would it be possible to update then reload the old style.css and php files?

    Thanks for your help, WPyogi, it is very much appreciated!

    In addition, these are the two things that seem to be wrong with the site.

    ‘Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpsc_show_image() in /home/content/82/8156182/html/wp-content/themes/twentyeleven/wpsc-products_page.php on line 87’


    ‘Fatal error: Call to undefined function wpsc_show_extra_description() in /home/content/82/8156182/html/wp-content/themes/twentyeleven/wpsc-products_page.php on line 269’

    Other than that, everything seems to be working. But in my research it seems like there is something in the theme that is causing the issue.



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    There is no wpsc_show_extra_description() function in the original, unedited, Twenty Eleven theme. Looks like this is actually a custom theme that contains plugin-specific calls.

    It also does not look like the changes were made in the child theme – the style.css file is empty – so that’s not a good sign re: updating.

    I’m using the Twenty Eleven theme. Does this matter? Any idea what kind of plug in that might be? i know it is part of wp e-commerce, but beyond that, i’m not used to wp plugins.

    One more quick question, would I update from the dashboard, and then put any relevant files in the child? I guess I’m a little bit confused with this whole child thing. Sorry for the confusion.



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    I’m using the Twenty Eleven theme. Does this matter?

    No. Sorry about the confusion. I’ve updated my earlier response to reflect the correct theme.

    i know it is part of wp e-commerce

    All I can suggest is that you remove all of these function from the theme.

    would I update from the dashboard, and then put any relevant files in the child?

    If you update your current copy of 2011, you will lose all of the customisations that were made to that theme. If that’s something you;re happy with, I’d suggest you first make a backup copy of the current theme – just in case.

    From them on, you would be customising only copies of files in the child theme’s folder – whether it be style.css, functions.php or any of the template files,.

    Thanks, Esmi! I appreciate it, I will try to fix it and will post back here.

    Thank you both so much, I have been able to solve most of my issues with your help!

    Glad to hear that! Good going.

    I think the main issue I’m having, well two main issues are this:

    The theme needs to be updated to 1.5 (twentyeleven) from 1.2. I’m not sure if that will fix everything, but it sounds like it needs to be done. I’m trying to figure out how to update to the latest updated theme and not lose the customization, i.e. the pictures, the format, etc. and not sure if it is as easy as copying back over the style.css or what have you. I have a child theme set up, but do how do I update theme into that?

    Finally, the undefined function came back and I’m not sure what precisely is going on.

    The site is: and if you go to a product page such as: it will show a fatal error for undefined function, though I restored from a file that did not have these issues. My fear is there is something I messed up, not in code, but on the products page or category page.

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated; I am about at the end of my rope! 🙂

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