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[Resolved] Updating theme looses customization ?

  • I searched and did not find an answer to this question.

    I have an update listed for my theme, which is Responsive.
    I have version installed. Update to 1.9.1.

    It states Please Note: Any customizations you have made to theme files will be lost.

    I am sure I have customized…i am very new to all this, and am concerned I will loose my work, or customizations. I have no idea what to do so as not to. I don’t want to start over, and I don’t remember all the things I have done, because I have been working on my site for quite a long time, thru a lesson.

    What do you suggest. Should I not update, or is there a way not to loose my work, or customizations. I do not know how this works, to new at this.

    Help plz. http://www.mobilephoneaccessoriesplus.com is my site. thx, carol

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    Unless you have modified theme files (.php files or style.css or functions.php), your changes will be fine. Have you done changes other than from the Dashboard (not in the file editor)?

    But you may want to wait a bit as that theme has had some issues with the update – you can find more info on their dedicated forums here:



    Thank you so much, and I will wait, I guess I wait till there is another version (Ihat is a question, or do I just wait awhile??) I appreciate that you let me know it had some issues.
    I am to new at this. thx.

    If I understood you correctly and I hope I did because it eases my mind, no changes have been made anywhere but Dashboard.

    Maybe later on but at this point since I don’t even know where to find file editor i am comfortable saying i only made changes in Dashboard. Where is file editor (serious question but feel so dumb asking).

    Again thanks, you were very clear and easy to understand. I will check out the dedicated forum link also.


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    no changes have been made anywhere but Dashboard.

    Then update the theme. You don’t want to have an old version of the theme.

    thanks everyone for above answers now i have some new questions.

    i keep reading that child theme will save changes when downloaded
    along with responsive.


    So here are my questions plz number answers to correspond and thank you for any help!!!

    1.. What is child theme i really don’t understand it.

    2. Do you know anything about responsive theme with child theme saves all your work.

    3. Are there any other layouts for responsive because in about a month i am doing a different website but love responsive.

    4. can child theme be added to my website now or did it have to happen from the beginning.

    5. is there a big learning curve with adding child theme whereever it is found (if you know plz tell me), because I am very new.

    6. this is a BIGGIE that i think i just figured out but not sure….if you have a theme, and you want to change it can you keep the theme loaded deactivate it, and then download another theme and activate it, will it switch over, and then if you don’t like it reverse process to go back to original, and will work be lost?

    thanks!!!! i really appologize for so many questions but i work full time and when i am doing this this all comes up at once and then it’s the next day with answers sometimes so thanks everyone. cj

    never mind on last post i have decided not to use child theme as it appears that css and html is required, and since i don’t know that I will just keep Responsive on it’s own.


    1. .if you have a theme, and you want to change it can you keep the theme loaded deactivate it, and then download another theme and activate it, will it switch over, and then if you don’t like it reverse process to go back to original, and will work be lost?

    thank you, Carol



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    Theme files will get overwritten each time you click update that theme in WP admin panel.

    Switching themes back and fourth will NOT destroy your modifications made in theme files or theme settings kept in database.

    Switching theme will destroy (reset) its setting in database only if it also has some activation hooks to reset its setting upon theme activation.

    since i am a novice, how do you know if you have “hooks”

    thank you for answers. it helped.

    is there a way to save work in your host c panel, i think i read that somewhere and is it easy? if that is not an appropriate question (i use host gator) I understand and just answer first question on hooks. meaning you are word press, and host gator uses w.p. but you may not be able to answer that.



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    Most web hostings provide files and db backup, but you need to do it yourself via cpanel, sometimes they help with the backup if requested.

    You can keep files in your webhost, but WP theme’s setting is kept in database, and it’s not anything you can have seperately, it’s the whole database.

    Let’s make it clear on this.

    • Updating a theme itself
    • Switching from theme A to B

    When you click updating theme, the files of theme you are updating get overwritten, this is why people keep saying use child theme and make changes in child theme only.

    As for the theme’s settings which is kept in database, this may or may not get overwritten upon update, it depends.

    Switching theme will not do anything to theme files, but the settings may or may not get reset upon theme’s deactivation/activation.

    Regarding the theme itself, you have to ask directly to the theme author, go to the theme’s dedicated support forum (link provided in the 2nd answer above).

    Paulwpxp, thank you that answered my question, much appreciated. cj

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