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  • Has anyone else noticed or reported an issue with the Powerpress admin settings causing an unresponsive browser?

    It’s happened to me on both Firefox and Chrome, and with Chrome it’ll eventually clear itself up after about 3-5 minutes, the only way for me to clear it in Firefox is to remove all cookies & cached data from the site in question (or quit & restart FF).

    It has been happening ever since PP v7.0, and it happens every single time I save any updated settings. It’s also happened on multiple sites, on different servers (I’ve had to update a lot of PP settings, so I’ve seen it happen more than once, lol)

    Not all of the sites have the same plugins, but I haven’t checked to see which ones might be common across them all yet… wanted to see if perhaps there was another known solution before starting to play the plugin conflict game.

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  • Plugin Support Shawn Thorpe


    This is the first time I’ve seen a specific report like this. Is everything up to date within your WordPress installations? Including WordPress itself and all plugins?

    Yep. On one site, I was updating WP from 4.5 to 4.6, and after that I went about updating plugins; after updating Powerpress from 6.0.3 to 7.0.3 was when I noticed the hanging on that site.

    On another site, it’s been running WP 4.6.1, but it was still at Powerpress 7.0.2, and updating to 7.0.3 yesterday and double checking the PP settings afterwards was when I’d noticed *that* page hanging when trying to save those updates.

    The site was still responsive, and the settings update did get saved, but the admin window was stuck “loading” for almost 3 minutes before finally completing the page load.

    On a third site, the page would not finish loading at all until I cleared a few cookies for the site for that day (but I was able to successfully load admin pages & the site from a different browser that wasn’t doing anything in the Powerpress admin pages). When I cleared those cookies, the admin pages acted normally again.

    I’m trying to remember if there was anything common about the settings I was updating, but I’m not sure there were. I had updated the Podtrac redirect url, the iTunes image URL, and made sure the clean/explicit setting was selected, since on all of those shows they previously were neither.

    Plugin Author Angelo Mandato


    Can you provide a list of plugins that are installed and active on all of these sites? There is a commonality causing this issue, so this list will help us narrow the conflict down.

    At present you are the first to report such an issue with saving settings in PowerPress, so IA m inclined to believe that the issue is in combination of something else.

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