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  • When I update a post I’ve already made, I do an ‘<ins> </ins>’ and wordpress adds datetime=”2005-11-18T22:24:21+00:00″ to the ‘<ins>’ part. How can I alter that so it shows the correct time for the update? Under General Options, I have it setup correctly to differ the times in the weblog by -5 hours (I’m on EST).

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  • I think you need to edit the timestamp perhaps….

    I would prefer not to change the original timestamp of the post. Since I’m using the <ins></ins> quicktag, would I change something inside the quicktag.js file or is there someplace else I can change it to the correct datetime?

    The specs say that the datetime attribute on an ins or del tag should be in a standard UTC format. The +00:00 means that the datetime is in Greenwich Mean Time. So, in short, it is using the “correct time,” in a format that is unambiguous and universally correct. (That is, the actual time when you click the button and to make the insert.)


    Edit: Of course, the argument could be made that it ought to tell the actual time zone that you’re in, and enter the datetime with that time zone. After all, that tells someone whether it was late at night or early in the morning when you posted the change, as well as the actual moment in time that you made the change.

    But, from an HTML point of view, it is telling the time “accurately,” in the sense that it’s referring to the correct moment.

    If it’s possible, I would like it to display the time I updated the post with -05:00 for EST instead of +00:00 for GMT

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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