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  • Resolved Germaximus


    My site has gone to hell. =( I’m running into so many issues lately and this is the newest one that just barely started happening today.
    I haven’t done anything new. I haven’t gotten any new plugins. I don’t know what is going on!!!

    Now when I try to update a post for an edit, I get this “No Date Received” page. It happens every single time. It’s been happening all day long. I don’t know anything about coding. I haven’t messed with any coding. My friend paid for my sites template and domain. I just add content.

    Please help?

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  • Missy Homemaker


    I posted to their Facebook page and although you can’t see your post, they can. Supposedly my issues are now being looked at. I’m looking for a new host.



    Did changing the auto-save interval fix the problem?



    not sure if this is of any use, but this is what happened to me and what i discovered…

    I started to get the ‘Not Data Received’ error yesterday just all of a sudden (everything was working well before that).

    The data I was ‘Updating’ was PHP code typed into my site page.

    To narrow down the problem I tried an empty page (no code) and this worked fine so I build back up from there..

    I finally nailed it down to this…

    As soon I inserted the text “http” or “https” into my code then, bang, it came up with the ‘No Data Received’ error, take it out and it updates fine

    Any explanations anyone?




    why would you EVER close a thread that aims to help WP users find answers to why hitting the Update button on a post is redirecting them to a “No Data” page?

    We wouldn’t if we could avoid it. But past experience tells us that topics that start asking about who is the best hosting company attract spam like flies to… well, you get the picture.

    That’s what WPyogi was trying to warn people about. As long as people stick to discussing what exactly is causing these problems, everything will be hunky dory.



    Mine apparently fixed itself.

    I had this problem this week.
    Pls help!!!

Viewing 6 replies - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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