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    My site has gone to hell. =( I’m running into so many issues lately and this is the newest one that just barely started happening today.
    I haven’t done anything new. I haven’t gotten any new plugins. I don’t know what is going on!!!

    Now when I try to update a post for an edit, I get this “No Date Received” page. It happens every single time. It’s been happening all day long. I don’t know anything about coding. I haven’t messed with any coding. My friend paid for my sites template and domain. I just add content.

    Please help?

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    If you got it through another party, maybe it’s not under your name/domain, but according to this, your site IS on their servers:

    That’s what I thought. Thank you for looking.

    What is the deal with this error message. The customer shouldn’t have to browse several forums to find answers to server errors. What gives….

    sorry but if your hosting with you will have to contact your hosting administrator..

    otherwise read the above..

    It seems like GoDaddy is ignoring the issue pretending it doesn’t exist. I AM GETTING SO FRUSTRATED. IS THERE ANY SOLUTION!?!?!?!

    no, have a problem in there servers, so if you are on a shared hosting you have a bg problem..

    they are out of connections as some websites have grown bigger and so much bigger than they thought..

    i am on godaddy currently and looking to buy another hosting A.S.A.P as my website gone down for 3 days in full and now have many many problems.

    And here you have it GoDaddy’s amazingly bad outsourced template response:

    Thank you for contacting us reguarding your site.

    I understand you are seeing issues posting in wordpress due to modsecurity rules in place. We regret the inconvenience this issue is causing you. We do have some suggestions for dealing with the problem. Mod Security is in place to protect the server and websites from automated attacks. If possible, try to reduce the amount of activity when editing posts such as saving a draft too often. There may also be plugins installed which could contribute to the number of requests.

    It may also be useful to reduce the frequency of autosaves when editing a post. You can add the following to your wp-config.php file to reduce the autosave frequency to 15 minutes:

    define(‘AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL’, 900);

    If yоu havе further quеstіоnѕ regarding this issue please let us know.
    Marcus F.
    Customer Care

    They should take what they spend on commercials and improve their servers/ customer service.

    okey, my problem started 2 weeks ago almost, and when i contacted them, they tell me its a plugin and almost the same as the above but they made sure its a plugin..
    deleted the whole domain directory and re-installed wp and the new theme and didnt use any of my last plugins..

    after that the same problem happened and its not on one website now its on 4 websites..

    the conclusion is now godaddy is not what every one think it is, and i was fooled by there commercials and everything else.

    am refunding my hosting account with them this day, and purchasing a new account but dont know where..

    I’m having this same problem and I just got off the phone with their tech support and they’re telling me it’s a WP issue. I can’t post at all & now it’s asking me for my password and when I enter it, won’t let me log in. HELP!

    whats your site?

    i reset my password and was finally able to log back in. I tried updating a post and again, got the same error message

    lol I can’t even post on GoDaddy’s Facebook page either. It automatically acts like I’m trying to reload the page when I’m trying to post my concerns onto their wall.

    ok weird. it seems to be one post in particular that keeps giving me problems. I managed to finally get into my account and schedule a new post without problems. Then I went back to my other post to try to update it and again got the error message.

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