• Hi there,
    I have just discovered that my website is displaying strangely (sidebar is showing on the wrong side of the page and is messing up pages where there is not supposed to be a sidebar). Also the website is showing the following error message at the top of the page:
    Warning: ksort() expects parameter 1 to be array, object given in /home3/juliette/public_html/myfertilityfocus.com/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/includes/core/template-functions.php on line 316

    After some googling I suspect that this is due to the new 4.7 Upgrade, as it’s only just happened sometime in the last few hours. After more googling I have learned that if this is the case, I should first try updating all my plugins. I haven’t updated them previously because I don’t know how to back up my site (and I understand that I should back up my site first). The developer who built the site for me is unavailable and I only know the basics of WP admin.

    Is anybody able to walk me through the steps I should take to fix this urgent problem?

    My website and error message can be viewed here: http://myfertilityfocus.com/

    Thank you in advance

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  • Disable all plugins, and enable one by one to see which one is causing this issue.

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    Thank you for your response. I just went into my admin area and went to disable the first plugin (BBPress). I immediately got a 500: Internal Error message from my host (Hostgator) saying ‘This website is unavailable at the moment’.

    If I reload the site I can still see it OK. I just get the Internal Error message when I try to disable a plugin.

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    bbPress 2.5.12 has been released fixing this, please note it requires WordPress 4.7


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    Wonderful, thanks!


    I have solved my problem in few minutes

    One of my website uses BBpress forum and when I clicked on upgrade I got the following msg as gift

    plugins/bbpress/includes/core/template-functions.php on line 316
    Step by Step – What I have done and How I solved the issue

    1. WordPress 4.7 update

    2. Update all Plugins before updating wordpress

    3. Click on Update wordpress to 4.7
    Finally after upgrading I got the error msg
    plugins/bbpress/includes/core/template-functions.php on line 316

    4. The Error Msg
    Now to solve this go to plugins page and click on bbpress update
    And your problem will get solved after doing this

    Thanks for reading.

    I have written detailed process in my website also


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    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/creativekannan/public_html/srivijayvidyalaya.in/dharmapuri.srivijayvidyalaya.in/wp-content/plugins/bbpress/includes/core/template-functions.php:316) in /home/creativekannan/public_html/Hostname.in/host.in/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 1179

    example.in/wp-admin -click after become show above Warning:
    how fix this issue

    Thank you @vashistha!
    That helped me a lot!

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