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    Is it safe to update in my Admin of wordpress and not my fantasico cpanel???
    I dont want to lose anything, really unsure. This is the 1st time the update has not shown up in the cpanel at all.


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  • If you update from within WordPress, Fantastico will not “know” about your updated application. You will need to find your fantversion.php file and manually modify it, then upload it to replace the original. Otherwise, you might see that your install needs “updating” when it actually doesn’t… and believe me, if you go backwards from a more recent update, it’s a MESS!

    I’ve run into this a lot at and hosting servers since they seldom (especially godaddy) have the latest versions of WP…. I’m told it’s a fantastico problem and that different servers often offer different versions (sucks).

    I suggested an idea to have a core-level file in WordPress that is simply the version so that WP updates it and third-party sites or apps could modify the number if updates are made through them (eg. Fantastico)…. give a vote, if you agree.

    Um, and always, back up your database and files before upgrading. With the latest versions of WordPress, I feel confident that the upgrade will go smoothly, but the first time you fail to CYA, it’s bound to fail! That’s some sort of corollary or rule, isn’t it?

    Best of luck

    Oh awesome Thank you for that info!!!
    I will speak to our hosting and see what they can do about that. Like i said this has been the 1st time fantastico has not had the update. We have missed the .9 and the 9.1 updates now. GRRR.

    I tried to vote but wouldnt let. But im all for something to help the updates go smoother. 🙂

    Super ty!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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