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  • Hi,
    I really like Duplicator plugin. I have cloned my site and have it running locally on my machine using Instant WordPress.

    What I would like to do is update posts, add content, and generally tweak my site offline on my local machine using instant wordpress.

    Whilst I am tweaking, I will leave the existing version of the site up on the web so there is no downtime.

    I would even like to add all my posts going forward via instant wordpress, I like how I can play with it and not affect the online site.

    However, I dont want to use Duplicator plugin everytime I want to push the local site onto the web again, as its quite complex and involves messing with the database structure – im afraid I will break it.

    So I was wondering if this would work:

    1) When I want to pull files from my online site.
    FTP into online site, copy all wordpress files, and paste into wordpress folder in Instant WordPress

    2) When I want to push local site to web
    Copy all Instant WordPress Files from Instant WordPress directory, and paste into corresponding FTP directory.

    Would this work? Would save a lot of effort than running Duplicator plugin every time

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  • Does anyone know if this works, and in copying all wordpress folders back into public_html to update all changes I make ?

    Hi Olyuk
    I think I understand what you are asking and your consern regarding the database structure is where my problems and conserns “seems” to be also (“seems” as I am a newbie to the WordPress arena). I have had a hosted WordPress site for about 3 weeks and decided that working on it locally would be a great benifit.

    I have followed installation of InstantWordPress, and Duplicator EXACTLY and am succcessfully running my WordPress site on my local Windows7 machine. I bought the reccommended ebook and followed all steps exactly. I cannot upload. Database errors.

    I haven’t worked with datebases in years but here is a “fly-over” of what I think I’m seeing and it may help sort out your questions as it seems like if you FTP the correct files up or down WordPress doesn’t mind if you get (all) the right ones.

    When running the InstantWordPress/Duplicator in an existing – online WordPress site and setting it up on the local machine, the documentation says to name the MySql – “wordpress” with a user name of “root” and with no password.

    I installed WordPress on my hosting account using SimpleScripts and the database naming/user/password is a function done behind the scenes and quite sure MySql is installed with a very different set of database naming (not “wordpress” for the data base name, not “root” for the user name and probably provides a system passsword). So now uploading my updated site and content, the database information does not match. Or am I missing someting??

    If/Once I get the Duplicator to work – uploading – tracking what it is doing and with what files may provide a FTP process. Agreed – faster – but I will settle for Duplicator to work (for now). Can you help? (I tried writing the author – different subject – about a week ago and no answer)


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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