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    I have been running a college football pool with friends and family the “hard” way for 14 years. I am excited about your plugin! I have installed the plugin and done everything I think I need to do to set it up for testing, including creating teams and test matches. I feel foolish for asking, but . . .
    (1) Where would I instruct my challengers to go to access the pick sheet so they can predict the scores?
    (2) After the games have concluded, I am assuming that I must enter the game results (scores) by hand. That is no problem. I think I can see where I do that, but where do I go to access the ranking of the challengers showing how many points they have accumulated?

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  • There is one more thing I would like to ask. (3) In my pool, challengers who pick the correct winners have always been awarded the same number of points as the number of points that were scored by the winning team. I wonder if this could easily be done.

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    1. The plugin creates a page in your blog (usually with the slug ‘pool’). Another option is to create your own page or post and use the [fp-predictionform] shortcode to add a pick sheet.
    2. The plugin creates a page for that: slug = ‘ranking’. Or use the [fp-ranking] shortcode.
    3. Not without changing the inner parts of the plugin. It would require some PHP and SQL knowledge. The calculation is handled in the admin/class-football-pool-admin-score-calculation.php file.

    Thank You. Very Clear. I will change my rules rather than doing anything to change the inner parts of the plugin. No problem. My final round of question has to do with the pick sheets and the UTC dates.

    Every week, (for 14 weeks during the season), I want to offer 30 different games that will all be played on Saturday. Hence, I will manually create a different Pick Sheet for each week. I will set the prediction stop date to be on the Wednesday before each Saturday. (a) How do I create a Pick Sheet that shows only the games for the upcoming week (not showing the games that have already been played)? (b) What is the purpose of the “Match Types” function? (c) Could the this function be used to separate the pick sheets as “Week 1”, “Week 2″, Week 3”, “Week 4”, etc.? (d) If so, how can I use it this way?


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    The [fp-predictionform] takes a collection of match ID’s and/or match types as a parameter (see help page in the admin for details). With this shortcode you can create a pick sheet with just the matches you want.

    Match types are a way of grouping matches. I use them for the FIFA World Cup to separate matches in the group phase, quarter finals, semi-finals, etc.
    You can use the match types to group matches per week. And use a match type to quickly add a pick sheet for only those matches, e.g. [fp-predictionform matchtype="1"] for the first match type.

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