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Updating from 2.0.2

  • I have a travel blog that is running 2.0.2. I haven’t updated in the past 1.5 years because I’ve been on the road and afraid that an update might break my blog or plugins. Without a good, fast internet connection I was worried to do anything that would require me sitting in dark internet cafes paying my the minute for slow access.

    Now that I’m home, is there anything I need to take into consideration before updating to the newest WP install? Will all of my plugins need to be updated as well?

    A list of my plugins can be found here.

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  • Instead of us checking for your plugins, it would be better if you do it:

    Also, keep in mind there are theme compatibility issues, too with the latest WP 2.3!

    Thanks for the link, a few of my plugins aren’t on there so I’ll have to look into those: category order, category images, filosofo enroll comments, fancy archives, run php and w-p. Maybe some of these aren’t needed with improvements to the new version of WordPress.

    I hacked together my theme myself so I hope it works!


    Most of the category related things (plugins, custom code) will NOT work in WP 2.3, since the DB structure has been radically changed.

    I hacked together my theme myself so I hope it works!

    If you didn’t do any actual SQL Queries yourself in your theme, then it will probably work. Maybe. 😉

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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