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  • Hi,

    After upgrading wordpress to 5.3 and Pinboard to latest 1.1.12 I can no longer update any pages.

    I am getting an error when click update:-

    “Updating failed. Error message: The response is not a valid JSON response.”

    Any ideas?


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  • A plugin is probably causing that new error with WP5.3.

    Disable all the plugins and try to update the page again, it should work.

    Then re-enable them, one by one to see which one is causing the fault.

    I have the same problem on three websites and can’t embed YouTube videos.

    Same here. A very annoying bug.

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    @jezzer300 I have tried this – no luck

    I’m running into the same issue!

    I’ve disabled all plugins and I still can’t update my pages

    Weirdly enough, I do have the ability to update blog posts, tags, etc. just not any pages.

    Is anybody else seeing this?

    I’m currently looking at my templates to see if anything is different, but they all use the same header and footer.


    So I was able to figure this out!

    I called my hosting provider (GoDaddy) and they said it was due to my Security Package not allowing my IP address to go through.

    All I had to do was add my IP address to the firewall whitelist and then I was able to edit pages again!

    TRY IT! @allanmcc @elgameel @ozgurnevres

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    Getting this error on localhost setup since 5.3 update.
    Any suggestions? thank you!

    I have such an error occurs if Permalink Settings installed anything but Plain if return to Plain then everything works

    Unfortunately, my permalinks are already set to plain and still receive the error. I’m thinking of downgrading WordPress to 5.2.4 to get it working again, but would prefer not to.

    hey guys I am having the same problem but when i install the classic plugin for the editor it works fine. may be he gutenberg causing problem. But i need to know why its causing the problem so if any body knows please let me know.

    Hi Guys,
    I see that I am not the only one to continue to use this theme.
    I like it, simple, moderne, useful, I use it for one on my sites for few years now.
    But as it seems not to be followed by OneDesign, I was wondering about an updating of WP 5.3 (I’m still under 5.2.4).
    I never had any problems (not yet).

    But today, I have updated 2 or 3 plugins today: and since, the social buttons in the header has disapperead; the search picto is the only to stay ok.
    It is maybe because of a plugin? Did one of you observe the same strange thing?
    And you bet, I do not dare updating to WP 5.3 now …

    I wonder if Pinboard will be updated in short time, or if I should change and try another theme … Wot do you think?

    I’ve fixed this issue by simply going into my permalink and re-saving my settings, it fixes the issue by rewriting the rules! Cheers

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    We found the issue was that under “General Settings” (Settings -> General) our WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) were mismatched. One had www and one was just http

    HI! I just had the same issue with one particular image and my problem was that it had Thai letters in the title/url. I removed the characters and it was fine. It might be the same with other characters like : ; / etc. Hope this helps!

    Bijwerken mislukt. Foutmelding: De reactie is geen geldige JSON-reactie.
    I can make no changes at all after updating to wordpress 5.3
    the fixes on this chat do not help fixing my problem
    Can someone please help me out. Thx Mark

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