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  • Hello,

    I was wondering whether there is a smart way to update (more or less heavily) customized versions of WordPress.

    That is, e. g. I have numerous plugins. Those aren’t the problem. However, some things that changed include modifications to sidebar.php and so on.

    I have not tracked all those changes as there are quite a lot.

    Obviously it would be wise to update to more secure versions once they are released. However, so far the best way of updating I’ve come up with is editing manually – which to be frank would probably take longer than waiting for the ubernext version. 😉

    So, any and all ideas are welcome – especially if you’ve got experience with that kind of situation and could share your mode of updating modified/customized setups of WordPress.

    Thanks in advance!


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  • The limited experience I have says to copy the theme folder you’ve customized to your local computer when you have it how you like it, then when you upgrade, drop that folder back into your themes folder (if it isn’t already there). It looks, however, like recent upgrades of WP change some of the code “terminology” (See: WP 2.2’s “links” vs. “bookmarks”, I believe it was), so you may have to rework some stuff, but that should be minimal compared to having to start over from scratch.

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