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    After purchasing the Custom Field add-on, I see the option to send a notification on the update of a custom field. In this case, the custom field has checkboxes, and I’m guessing that’s what’s tripping up the code.

    That is, if I simply set a notification to let me know once a listing (custom post type) is updated, it’ll properly send me a notification if I change the title, for example. So I know the issue isn’t with the Gmail SMTP app I have installed.

    Problem is, it’s not triggering at all when I check or uncheck a box for this custom field (which adds or removes a meta value associated with this particular meta key).

    In fact, when I sent a more generic notification and added the following shortcode in the email text “Custom field: [custom_field field=”app_features”]” (app_features being the meta key of the custom field, of course), it just shows “Custom field: ” in the email, as though it’s not reading anything from the custom field.

    But given that this is exactly what the add-on is designed for, I guess I must’ve missed something?

    I welcome your thoughts.

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  • Update: By using [custom_field field="app_features"], this will echo only the value of the first checkbox in that custom field.

    That’s a step in the right direction anyway, but on top of the fact that it’s not showing values from the other checkboxes associated with that custom field, it’s still not sending a notification when the checkbox values change. I only get a notification if I set one on the whole listing changing, which is overly broad but better than nothing.

    So I’m really hoping this plugin works with checkboxes and I’m just not configuring it right.

    I should also clarify that the notification only echoes the first checked box.

    (If there’s two boxes, the first is un-checked, and the second checked, it’ll echo the value from the second checkbox.)

    But if both boxes are checked, it only shows the value from the first box.

    Hopefully that makes sense.

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    As your support request is related to a premium add-on, please can you submit a Priority Support ticket via the website and I’ll get back to you there.

    Ok, done…though I don’t see what the difference is considering you’ve already responded here.

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    Hi @advantagen,
    It would certainly be easier to provide all support in one place but it’s against the policies to support premium plugins on the support forums.

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    No kidding? I didn’t know that. That’s kinda stupid. Thanks for explaining though.

    For the future reference of anyone stumbling across this thread in the future, I’ll put the resolution here.

    That way, if anybody complains, it’s on me and not you guys.

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    Thanks for understanding @advantagen.

    For anybody reading this with the same issue, I believe the understanding we came to on this was that, while the plugin does work with checkboxes in general, it does not however work with ‘repeater fields’ – or in other words, one field that has multiple checkboxes as options.

    You might be able to arrange your custom fields so that each option is a new field though.

    Hope this helps!

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