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    I’m not sure if this is a problem or not. I installed the 2.7-beta yesterday, then today I was poking around and saw the ‘stay updated’ link. I decided to try it, and now it’s running. And it’s been running for 20 minutes. If I go to shell, I see the files have been updated as of 15 min ago. My page is stuck on ‘halfway’ loaded. The version file is at 2.7-beta-9513 now, so it looks like it’s actually done, just the page keeps loading.

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  • I’m on 2.7-9502 and it does the same thing.
    Only way I can update auto is with gears and then you have to disable then re-enable for that to work.
    manually works every time, though. :>)

    I don’t feel so all alone! 🙂

    Wait, how to you mean with gears? You mean having gears on will cause it to ‘hang’?

    No – it hangs with gears enabled or disabled.

    Then I’m lost. How do you auto-update with Gears? I don’t see an option for that on the Turbo page. Or is it another gears?
    you install it as a browser extension
    then in your wordpress go to admin – tools – turbo
    follow instructions

    I did, and I don’t see a way to update the core of wordpress with Google Gears.

    Only way I can update auto is with gears and then you have to disable then re-enable for that to work.

    go to turbo page
    in FF top bar click on Tools – Gears Settings
    remove your website
    refresh turbo page
    re-enable Gears
    update starts and is supposed to do it every time a newer version becomes available

    I followed those directions and I don’t get an ‘update starts’ or anything. Gears is re-enabled, and I go into /wp-admin/update.php?action=upgrade-core and run it and it hangs.

    don’t do it that way you have to be at admin – tools -turbo
    then follow above instructions.
    Forget about the auto upgrade page
    turbo does it automatically

    Oh. I’m not sure if I like this undocumented feature. It should be at least noted on the Gears page that ‘enabling gears will automatically update your wordpress core files when there is an update available’ or something. Right now all I see is this:

    Gears is installed and enabled on this computer. You can disable it from your browser’s Tools menu.

    If there are any errors try disabling Gears, reloading the page, and re-enabling Gears.

    Local storage status: Update completed.

    I just use it on the one blog for testing. I always upgrade manually – easier and safer imo.

    So do I, the manual upgrade, but I also have gears on to speed up admin things. Hence my dilemma!

    I have the same problem. With 2.7 betas the auto update would get stuck on Updating Core.

    I have the same problem…but the upgrade is sucessful. It just hangs, never says it’s complete; there’s a blank screen with just the left column, and I just wait awhile, then click the Dashboard to check, and all’s well.

    It seems to complete the upgrade, but never says so. (This with five upgrades to 2.7 today.)

    Okay, this magically started working from RC2 to 2.7 Final. No idea why.

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