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  • I thought I posted this somewhere before – but now I can’t find it anywhere online… anyway…

    Thanks for the great module!

    It appears to be working with one exception…

    My client has about 8 different lists at Constant Contact. And I built about 4 forms at, for volunteer signups and general contact forms.

    These forms update 3 of their Constant Contact lists.

    All of their lists share the same contact fields up at Constant Contact.

    I have noticed that if I leave a field empty on one of my forms, such as “Street Address 1” – if data was already in that field at Constant Contact, and I submit my form with that field blank, it will then erase the field up at Constant Contact – when it should just leave it as it was.

    I did inquire with Constant Contact about this – and they said this is a change that you would have to make in your plug-in code, not on the Constant Contact side.

    What are the chances that you might add this ability in the future?

    See Constant Contact’s response below.

    > From: Shannon Wallace – swallace at constantcontact dot com
    > Date: November 19, 2012, 3:47:53 PM EST
    > Subject: WordPress plugin to Constant Contact [ ref:_00D708xak._50070Q76e3:ref ]
    > I understand the plugin you’re using is overwriting contact information if fields are blank instead of updating the contact with new information and leaving the existing information alone.
    > This isn’t a setting inside Constant Contact–the developers of the integration should first be making a call to our API to get the contact’s details, then adding to the record to add new information, then putting the contact’s information back into Constant Contact in a second API call. It sounds like they are either not getting the contact information (the first step), or overwriting fields that contain content with no content when they do the update call to our API. It is something that needs to be changed on their end.
    > If they can contact me and provide the code they use to do this, I can take a look and make recommendations on what they need to change to not overwrite what is there already. The best email address to use is Sorry you ran into this!
    > Best Regards,
    > Shannon W.
    > API Support Specialist

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  • Hi Zack,

    Any chance you might change how your plug-in functions, so the above is no longer an issue? I unfortunately can’t use the plugin as my theater company uses multiple lists in the manner described.

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