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  • I have 5 (FIVE) Pet Peeves with WordPress.

    1) Your Update Post, Save Draft & Preview Buttons.
    Can you PLEASE put these 3 buttons closer to the TINYMCE edit area?
    It’s beginning to drive me crazy after a simply edit. I MUST scroll almost to bottom of the page to use these buttons every single time! Like what’s wrong with having these buttons in close proximity? having to scroll to the bottom of page each time is very tedious.

    2) Why doesn’t TINYMCE behave?
    Somethings, err…. i mean MOST of the time when making a simple edit like a new empty sentence in the visual edit window OR the HTML edit window – AND even after adding the &nbsp html tag the damn edit didn’t work. No i’m not pasting from Word, i’m typing directly in the edit window.

    3) Add a frigging search button in the kitchen sink – its a pain to scroll again (groan)… to find html code. Also… while switching from visual to html window, stop sending me back to the top of the edit window between each turn. Why do i need to 3 different windows to edit 1 (ONE) small detail? 1) A live browser window, a visual window and an html window? put a maginifying glass or something like this to search and destroy instead of forcing me load a variety of windows. Yes – yes… sure i can FINALLY find what i’m looking for… BUT ya know what? Its a pain in the ass looking for misbehaving code edits.

    4) DISABLE the Autosave feature. I absolutely detest it! its a nuisance, pain in the butt feature. Very annoying!

    5) AT one time is very enjoyable to make a simple post, however nowadays its royal PAIN! it’s not fun anymore. Stop trying to make things easier with your bells and whistles and spend more time making the platform run more smoothly. Not everyone has a Double V16 engine running under the hood with speed of light Internet ya know.

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  • esmi


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    1. They’re right beside the text area in my sites. Are you using only a single column view in your Admin area?

    2. Because it’s not perfect. No WYSIWYG tool is.

    3. You shouldn’t be switching editor tabs. Pick a tab & stick to it. Or risk losing most (if not all) of your HTML markup)

    4. Edit wp-config.php and add:

    define( 'AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 9999 );

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    5) Try the distraction Free writing screen (aka full screen mode).

    1. Yes im using 1 column – edit window is too small. so can someone please add the save buttons near the edit window? Pretty please?

    2. i believe that’s a lame excuse. since the internet has evolved, programmers have mastered the art of building modern day platforms and web code, yet they cannot fix the engine that spits our content to the world. shameful.

    3. It’s impossible. i have not yet to date spoken to anyone that HASN’t needed to open an additional window to view/confirm a code change. what you see in the TINYMCE arena will be/is completely diffrent from the live result. And the html editor window, i can now add shortcodes. code with brackets [one-quarter] (whatever – i suppose this is within the themes function etc) however and regardless, the experience is appalling. I still must view in the visual window regardless. Something programmers need to focus on.

    4. Thank you!

    5. Yes – ive tried that… but… i dunno. i still need to do odd things with SEO, description, thumbnails and so on and so on and so on.

    6. There are tools on the web to help work with html code and whatnot, however… but you know what? This is definitely something a web programmer should be able to fix once and for all.

    I am not a programmer nor do i want to be. nor should NEED to train to know how to use html coding after 11 years online. If that were all I needed to focus on with my web buisness, then that would be different.

    Thats my opinion anyway.

    Thanks for the reply guys.
    PS: btw: Which wp-admin css file can i edit to match with my activated theme style?

    Moderator Ipstenu (Mika Epstein)


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    #2 wasn’t an excuse, it was telling you why, right now, it’s not perfect. it’s being worked on, it changes subtly now and then, but it’s ‘in progress.’

    For #5, use DFW in GUI mode as much as you can. When you’re done writing, go back and play with the SEO/featured image etc etc stuff.

    If you can do #6, more power to ya 🙂 No one else has yet.

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